Friday 18 March 2016

Drama As Polic Arrest Man for Marrying Medical Doctor Wife Without Her Parents' Permission In Lagos

Ugo Madugba and his wife Nono Orji
A man has got himself into more trouble than he bargained for after he allegedly went ahead to marry a woman without the permission of her parents. 
The 30-year-old man, Ugo Daniel Madugba, a Masters holder in social history from university of lagos, was arrested by policemen attached to the Dolphin Police Division in Ikoyi, Lagos, after he was accused of marrying his 28-year-old wife without the express approval of her parents.
The Wedding photo
However, Madugba’s wife, Nono Orji, who is a medical doctor, said in a Facebook post on Thursday that there were plans by the police to poison her husband.
She said her husband was arrested on the orders of her parents who have been against their marriage from day one. She wrote:
“The Nigerian Police in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi just arrested an innocent 30-year-old man called Ugo Madugba for an offence of marriage. Marriage has become a crime in Nigeria according to Dolphin police station in Ikoyi. Mr. Ugo got married to Dr. Nono a 28-year-old medical Doctor.

“Her father has been very distraught about it and has used the police to threaten the young couple to the extent of arresting all those who acted as witnesses to the marriage who are now in custody.

“He has been denied access to his family and friends and information reaching us has it that his lawyer was also denied access to him. There is a belief that a plan to poison Ugo is being hatched.
"Please, forward this message to as many people as possible lets save Ugo’s life.”
Orji said in another Facebook post that her parents were trying to force her to marry another man but when she refused, they accused her husband of hypnotising her.
However, according to Punch, a police source revealed that the parents believed that the wife was hypnotised and abducted by her husband.
The source said the matter would be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, today

Read Facebook comments below:

Breaking News: The Nigerian Police in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi just arrested an Innocent 30year old man called Ugo Madugba for an offence of Marriage. Marriage has become a crime in Nigeria according to Dolphin police station in Ikoyi. Mr Ugo got married to Dr Nono a 28 year old medical Doctor .Her father has been very distraught about it and has used the police to threaten the young couple to the e... See more

Tony Omo Police arrest is a moral way of treating issues, u don't take the law into your hands.
why will a girl marry without the consent of her dad that's madness we are Africans it's not done here. About killing her, that is false, no matter the offense a man will not kill his child for such reasons.
This is an issue both family have to settle within themselves not necessary needed in Facebook for useless comment.

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Samuel Olatunbosun Sorry, this is not useless comment on FB @Tony Omo. Admittedly, parent's consent is essential traditionally and legally before marriage BUT where the father is insisting on her daughter not to marry a particular guy from a particular clan or family and...See more
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Ezike Chioma F. V @simon point of correction, Ugo is a scholar and has even done d father a favor to marry his 28years old daughter. It's just that our country is law less, a 28year old is already a woman if Ugo is my brother at 30years I wouldn't allow him marry a 28 year old woman. That father should be very glad to marry his daughter to Ugo madugba.
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Ezike Chioma F. V No comments is useless dear, guess u should choice your words nicely. Apart from d fact that we r African at 28year old age she old enough to make a serious decision and if she decided to marry Mr madugba all good for her. Then her parents arresting Mr...See more
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Christie Edwin They are both adults so they can choose for them selves us not as if he got her pregnant or duped her he married her for Christ sake ,the dad shd understand no one battles against real love n wins ooooooooooo
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Ezike Chioma F. V Nobody said Mr orji is going to kill his daughter, what we hear is that he wants to poison Mr madugba. And a real African elder should use wisdom in treating matters like this so it wouldn't get out of hand. This days we knw d power of social media not like before that people who don't have d dubious powers r trampled upon, social media helps now.
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Evelyn Anoghena fine d father did't give his consent. But they are both consenting adults!!that sums it up i think. there are enough evil out there that d police should battle than this. father using police force will push d daugther away. leave her with her choice and pray it works out well for both of them.
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Adeniji Kehinde A It is always better if parents give their consent/blessings to a child's marriage. Ugo and wife should have waited at least. However, love (true
love!) goes beyond all things anyway. If the marriage does not hold when the father is alive, it will hold after his dead body o. I guess the father should know this and settle down at once.

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Princess Oyindamola Arowoshola Marriage is never force or do or die. I think if the parent of the bride never want him he can leave the mature woman to her father.
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Chichien Ike I don't support the man but why would the Ugo guy marry her without the man's blessings? All of u commenting here won't be happy if ur child disobeys u and marry without ur approval
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Ademolu Simon Oyende Alesh The girl is a medical Dr and Ugo is a spare part seller so may be that's why the girl's father is not approving the marriage. But I don't think it matters. Love lo sure ju!
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Ezike Chioma F. V @oyinbo that's what d man wants o, at 28years maybe he should marry his daughter or till she turns 35 he will start looking for husband by force for her.
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Nelly Tresh A lady this big & matured gets a husband, Aaaaaa! the father should go for thanks-giving. A medical doctor for that matter. Both parties are matured & educated enough to know what they want.
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Ik Ikponwmosa The ugo is an idiot.why will go ahead and marry without the fathers convent.Ugo leave the girl alone in peace.
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Kenthercorp H. Oyibo So if the father does not approve,she would stay single for the rest of her life abi?
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Ezike Chioma F. V The point is that both of them actually love each other that's why marriage was able to hold between them. What they need now is encouragement not to start fighting them.
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Ezike Chioma F. V Ugo madugba is somebody I knw with a bright future maybe Mr orji want his daughter to marry a 419 or market seller so that he will have quick cash from his in low. Ugo madugba is better than what's happening.
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Ezike Chioma F. V Monique Nkemakolam DedeI'm told Mr madugba has come out of d police custody, I dnt knw hw true that is.
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Ik Ikponwmosa Ugo u no fit d babe even if u have money.let her be.
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Monique Nkemakolam Dede I will ask him oooooo....
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Comr Alexis Stephens Maybe because the girl is taller. It is very serious.
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Kenneth U Ajuonuma When the top is filled with lawlessness , everything under it act the same!!!
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Anthony Chukwudalu Shadrach D guy is doing d man a favor joor.
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Tina Igwegbe That is wickedness, totally unacceptable!
Ogechi Nwa-Nnamdi Ihenatu This is totally crazy.
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Da' Saint not my bro Ugo Daniel..
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Monique Nkemakolam Dede Is this real????
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Faith Fadahunsi Is this true?
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