Saturday, 9 April 2016

Kevin Hart Shares Heartwarming Story About The Surprise He Found In His Bible When He Was A Struggling Comic (video+photo)

Kevin Hart is known for telling a good story. The comedian sat down with Oprah for a Prime episode that aired few years back. He talked about everything from connecting with fans, to his recent success and even opened up about a clever move that his mother pulled on him when he was still a struggling comedian. 
Hart explains that when he told his mother about his aspirations of being a comedian she responded, "I'm not a dream killer" and offered to support him. She told him that she would pay his rent for one year while he proved that he could make it.
Hart says that although he was making relationships and loving standup comedy, he was low on money and was behind on his rent. He told Oprah, "I haven't paid my rent in like a month. 'I'm like Mom, the rent. Where's the rent at?'" To which she replied, "Have you been reading your Bible?"

"She's like, 'Are you reading your Bible?,'" Hart told Oprah "I said, 'Mom, come on - I don't have time to talk about that right now. I'm late. I need the rent money."
Hart's mother replied by saying "When you read your bible, then we'll talk about your rent."
The comedian said conversations such as this one went on for weeks until he eventually received an eviction notice on his door. Desperate, Hart decided to take his mother's advice, only to find a relieving surprise when he eventually decided to read his bible.
"I go home and say, 'Man let me open this Bible up,'" Hart explained. "Open the Bible up, six rent checks fell out. She put all my rent checks in the Bible."
Winfrey responded to Hart's story with shock and surprise, replying "Oh my goodness!"
Hart, originally from Philadelphia, Pa., has made a name for himself as a comedic actor in the U.S., gaining mainstream recognition just in the past few years by starring in films such as "Grudge Match," "Ride Along" and "About Last Night."
He started his stand up career in the early 2000's by touring comedy clubs in the New England region, and eventually got his big break when he starred in Judd Apatow's short-lived television series "Undeclared."
The 5'2", 34-year-old actor has previously incorporated his mother's religious beliefs into his stand-up routines, including one performance in which he jokes that his mother is "overly religious" and blames all evil happenings and misfortunes on the devil.

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