Sunday, 29 January 2017

End Time Pastor Says - 'Virgins Are Burdens, The Bible Is Not Against Prostitution' (VIDEO)

A controversial Ghanaian pastor and relationship counselor, George Lutterodt, has said that the Bible does not condemn prostitution, adding that virgins are a burden to their husbands.

“Virginity is a burden,” Pastor George Lutterodt declared.

“Look, if you gather 10 men in Ghana, eight of them don’t want to have virgins because virgins are burdens. Virginity doesn’t add anything to the fun,” he said.

He argued, “If you gather 10 men in Ghana, eight of them don’t want to have a virgin, because virgins are burdens.”

"It doesn't add anything to the thing, virginity is a burden," he added.

At a point, he resorted to Ghanaian dialect, spiced with English phrases such as “unending orgasm,” “vibrators,” “spice,” “sharing vagina,” “intimacy,” and uncomplimentary words such as “ashewo” (prostitute).

Mr. Lutterodt once claimed that no man can ever satisfy a woman sexually on earth.
He said: "No man can satisfy any woman sexually on this earth, the thank you they say is appreciation for your time wasted. She is fanning your ego to let you know that you are counted among the lot. There are differences in the way we have the excitement, satisfaction and the pretences. Most of the moaning all are lies."

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