Wednesday 13 September 2017

Newly Married Woman Nearly Killed In Benue By A Supposed Movie Producer Who Promised Her A Movie Role

A woman was brutally assaulted and narrowly escaped being killed by a man while she was trying to secure a movie role on Sunday, September 10.

Mrs Patience Bula, a corp member serving in Radio Benue in Makurdi, was invited by a fellow female corp member to a movie audition she was taking part in.

After CDS, both women went to the location and Patience was introduced to a man called Adams Marvin. She secured a role and was given her script. Later, Marvin asked her to meet him with the script at the Eunice Resort Centre, venue of the rehearsal where she had been offered the role.

However, on Sunday, September 10, Marvin called Patience again, asking her to meet him and other actors at Hope Clinic, Wadata. He told her that the production team needed to cut down on cost hence some actors had to go and the ones who will be shortlisted will be selected at the clinic.

Patience got to the clinic but met only Marvin. He informed her that other artists were waiting in a house down the street. She went there with him but once they got inside, he tried to strangle her with a stick. She struggled and was able to free herself from his grip. But before she could escape, he hit her across the chest, back and face with the stick until she became unconscious. When she came to, Marvin was no where to be found. She crawled to the corridor where neighbors saw her and asked for her phone to call her husband. They found that Marvin had switched off her phone to prevent calls from coming in.
Marvin was eventually taken to the police station but according to Ukan Kurugh, the police have not been giving the case the kind of seriousness it deserves and Marvin, who is a repeat offender boasts that he will go free because he has a relationship with the officers in A Division police station, Wadata, Makurdi.

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