Wednesday 13 September 2017

Nigerian Lady refuses to visit a guy at his house.. Then he showed her his N3m account balance (screenshots)

Ladies, is this you or nah? This conversation between a Nigerian guy and girl about their first date is currently going viral online causing a frenzy!
So this guy asks a lady to come to his house and have their first date there rather than go to the mall but the lady insists the latter.
The guy insists that since they both live a stone throw away, they don’t need to go farther – the lady then lays out her reasons why she can’t go to his house and she even offered to pay if they go to the mall, (this is her assuming the guy is too broke that’s why he’s choosing his condo).

The guy then assures her that he has no mischievious intentions but the lady is not seeing him as quite the gentleman and then things get heated quickly, with the girl stressing on the part that he maybe broke!
In an attempt to taunt her, the guy then shared a screenshot of his account balance (N2.9m) and says if he spends a hundred thousand on her, he won’t flinch.
Well, our dearie is not regular (in Speed Darlington’s voice) and she clapped back at his motive, showing that N3m or a hundred thousand can’t move her and I must say… We’re PROUD love!
Read their thread below and be thrilled:

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