Saturday 16 September 2017

Newly Formed Group "Ndi Igbo Peace Movement" Set To Meet Arewa Youths

As part of efforts in ensuring that peace and unity prevail in the country, a group known as "Ndi IGBO Peace Movement" has embark on a peace Movement to leverage the recent violence going on in some of the eastern states and major igbo zones in the country. 

Here's is press release from the group. 

"Over the past couple of weeks, citizens of our dear Igbo Ethnic Nationality have been erroneously labelled mischief makers and violent people by various interest groups and observers, all because of the unfortunate events that has enveloped our region of recent because of misguided behavior of certain individuals not supported by the larger majority of our people.

It is important to state unequivocally here that this sad assumption cannot be farther from the truth. Igbos have always been a peace loving people and are arguably the most industrious ethnic group in Nigeria and Africa. Igbos play a major role in the economic and social development of Nigeria as their presence is very visible in virtually all sectors of the economy.

This industrious nature has led to Igbos dwelling in virtually all towns and villages of the country. It is said that “if you go to a town and you don’t find an Igbo person there, don’t dwell there, for the land is not favorable”. This saying bears testament to the fact that we have always lived in peace with our neighbors, no matter where we reside, within the country or in diaspora.

Igbos are arguably the most accommodating ethnic group in Nigeria as they welcome all people warmly and with open arms irrespective of their ethnicity or nationality. This is evidenced in the harmonious coexistence with various ethnic groups in Igbo land.

It is therefore in the spirit of our heritage and peaceful demeanor that we are calling on all Igbo brethren across Nigeria to continue to refrain from violence as a means of agitation, and to continue to push for actualization of their demands in a peaceful manner.

It should be noted that NOT ALL IGBOS ARE IPOB MEMBERS. A vast majority of Igbos believe in one Nigeria and have worked relentlessly to make our great nation occupy an enviable position in the comity of nations. This is evident in our presence in all communities in Nigeria. Despite our cultural and religious differences, Igbos believe that we can all live together in peace and harmony and create a better Nigeria for us and our children. We therefore welcome the activities of the Nigerian Army in the south east to clear our land of miscreants and we trust that they will be professional about it.

We are living happily with our northern brothers and sisters from the north without any problems. We will grant a joint press conference in Awka on Monday 18th of September to show the world that we are better together. We hereby warn all trouble makers to repent and desist from causing further trouble in our zone (south east) and embrace peace. We will no longer tolerate any action capable of endangering the peace of Ndi Igbo living both at home and other parts of the country.

We know we may have been hurt in one way or the other but that will not break our resolve to SAY NO TO VIOLENCE.
We stand for NIGERIA, we stand for PEACE! 
Peace is our pride and watchword!

Amb. Onyekachi Divine Ngobidi
Ndi Igbo Peace Movement

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