Thursday 17 May 2018

Aisha Abimbola Didn’t Tell Us Why She Lost So Much Weight – Bukola Arugba, Yomi Fabiyi spill more details

While mourning their late colleague, Aisha Abimbola in a lengthy Instagram post, actors Bukola Arugba Awoyemi and Yomi Fabiyi had this to say:

Bukola Awoyemi shared the photo above and wrote “This was exactly seven years back, the very first time I met u , aunty Aisha Abimbola, we blended so well, we gisted and had fun, despite your age, u were so young at heart, humble and affable. Our stay in Oshogbo was short yet memorable… Fast foward to 2014, 2015 and 2017 respectively, precisely 2017, a job brought us together, we brought back all the old memories, we gisted like age mates, u told me a heart to heart talk, u told me your aspirations, and I never doubted them coming to past…

We seized every slightest break to gist on set. Aunty Aisha , u told me all but u kept this from me, my used to be fellow Dec 19 baby, u kept this from me, I asked with all excitement, aunty Aisha, what did u do to get this super trim body? U replied gently, buki, its hard, u can’t do it. I insisted , just tell me, u said u were only on vegetables… Aunty Aisha, I didn’t know there was more, u were so full of life, your acting prowess was still on point, I remember u created more lines to buttress my role interpretation. U spoke to me like a real sister but this u kept from me. The question is, If u had told me, what would I have done?

I guess it was a helpless situation, may be I would have cried helplessly, u wouldn’t have needed my money, may be u were having all medications abroad. But one thing I knew for sure auntimi, I would have prayed. May be God would have granted my request and even if God wasn’t going to grant it, cos He loves u more than I do… knowing I fought for u in my little way would have been a great relief to me, but u never allowed me,u never told me, and GOD NEVER REVEALED IT TO ME , I BELIEVE ITS COS HE LOVES YOU MOREThe scariest thing is I haven’t cried. Is the pain and burden in my heart heavier or stronger than my tears? My close family members know I can cry for an innocent dead ant.

For u aunty Aisha, tears have eluded me… All I find me muttering is your name … May be I still haven’t accepted your loss, Aunty Aisha, I find solace in purging my emotions mostly in writing , scribbling something down for u seem to help relief the burden in my heart. May be I wouldn’t have been this pained if we had never met, may be this sorrow that I feel wouldn’t have been this much if we never talked, may be memories of the time we shared wouldn’t have kept lingering in my brain if u weren’t friendly with me. May be since I heard about your loss yesterday I would have cried once and be fine today.”

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