Thursday 17 May 2018

Nigerian Billionaire Femi Otedola Took A Molue Ride (Public Bus) And Nobody Recognised Him (Video)

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You know that talk about being nice to everybody and respect everybody because you don’t know who they really are, humility, we have fun differently and we want different kind of information for different reason and even though the world celebrate you, some people may not even know you or maybe you exist even, so why will you draw the world to your chest….lol, like some doctrine will say, it’s all vanity.

So billionaire Femi Otedola shared a video on his Instagram page taking a ride in a molue bus from Sango in Ogun State to Agege in Lagos, very interesting, just wondering what will be going on in his mind and why exactly he took the bus is still a mystery for now, but this caught our attention.
Recently took a ride on the Molue from Sango to Agege 🚌 … F.Ote💲

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