Monday 14 May 2018

Popular singer, Simi Backs Noble Igwe For Identifying Major Fraud Fronts In Nigeria

Popular singer, Simi has thrown her weight behind Noble Igwe for listing major fraud fronts in the country.

Kikiotolu recalls that Noble Igwe on Saturday disclosed that record label owners, car dealers and club owners in Lagos are major fraud fronts in the country, calling the attention of EFCC to them.

This was after the anti-graft agency stormed Club 57 in Ikoyi and arrested over 12 suspected internet fraudsters.

Noble had stirred controversies and was dragged by some Nigerians for “snitching” on fraudsters after he listed music industry, clubs as major fraud fronts in Nigeria.

However, Simi, who was among those on the side of the media personality, expressed shock that some Nigerians were defending fraud in the country.

The singer took to her Instagram to comment on how disappointed she was, pointing out that if the mindset of the average Nigerian youth supports fraud, then citizens should not complain about how other countries of the world see Nigerians or “whatever mess we find ourselves in”.

Her post read, “We complain about how the rest of the world sees and treats us. They hear ‘Nigeria’ and the first thing that comes to mind is ‘fraudster’ they are afraid to let us in their countries, our passport makes them extra search us at the airport etc..

“It makes me feel so sad and ashamed because our potential is so rich and so overlooked and honestly truly thought we all felt that way.

“So I’m genuine surprised that anyone is rooting for this BS. Is scamming people now ok?

“Did I miss something? Why are there so many people defending it against Noble, am I crazy because if we are thinking like this, don’t we deserve whatever mess we find ourselves in?”

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