Monday, 11 June 2018

G7 SUMMIT IN CANADA 'He Destroyed Our Trust In 280 Characters': German Minister Slams Trump For Tearing Up G7 Agreement

German minister slams Trump for tearing up G7 agreement
Donald Trump was today accused of 'destroying trust' between world leaders in matter of 'seconds' after he backed out of the G7 agreement via two angry tweets. The US leader (pictured, main, in a stand off with G7 leaders at the summit) stunned the world by tearing up the joint statement which leaders and diplomats spent days painstakingly drafting just hours after it had been approved. 

He fired off furious tweets (pictured, bottom inset) saying he told US representatives 'not to endorse the Communique' and accusing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - who hosted the summit - of being 'dishonest and weak'. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas today slammed the US President (pictured, right, looking pleased at the G7 summit) over the move and warned it will take some time before trust can be rebuilt.
Donald Trump fired off an angry tweet tearing up the G7 agreement which had been painstaking thrashed out 

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