Sunday, 10 June 2018

Britain May Arrest Abramovich

Britain may arrest Abramovich
Roman Abramovich may be arrested if he violates the rules of entry into the country for business visitors. Recently, the oligarch has become a citizen of Israel, which allows him to enter Britain and stay there for six months. However, the immigration regulations altered in May limit the number of re-entries.

Thus, according to paragraph V 4.2 (b) of Annex V to immigration rules, the status of a business visitor does not allow a person to reside in Britain for a long time through frequent or consecutive visits.

The Interior Ministry will watch Abramovich, pens The Times.

For instance, if, upon arrival at an airport in the United Kingdom, officials, after studying the history of Abramovich's trips, conclude that he has returned too soon, he will be detained and returned to the point of departure. At the same time, he will be able to appeal this decision only after leaving the country.

The journalist with The Times writes that the rules for business visitors were made for individuals arriving in the country for single deals or meetings.

Therefore, the oligarch may face difficulties associated with his activities as the owner of Chelsea club.

To recap, Abramovich refused from receiving a British visa, having decided to change his citizenship to the Israeli one, which will allow him to set foot in the territory of the United Kingdom as a business visitor.

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