Saturday, 16 June 2018

Lagos New BRT Buses: Analyzing The Facts And Figures

It is no longer news that the Lagos state government has taken delivery of some new metro buses, these buses according to the governor will replace the danfos (the popular yellow buses in Lagos). As cheerful as this news sounds, it comes with confusion as there are some pictures of a mini bus going around before and now we are seeing another version. AutoReportNG decided to do some digging to clarify the misconceptions.

The Lagos state governor was quoted in April saying that the proposed Bus Reform Initiative aimed at giving Lagosians an integrated public transportation system would kick-start this year with a sinking fund of N30billion.

He said the Bus Reform Initiative is a three-year plan aimed at introducing over 5000 air-conditioned buses [/b]to replace the yellow commercial buses, popularly called Danfo, which according to him, was no longer befitting for the State’s mega city status.

“We decided that the best thing is to allow the yellow buses go and so the Bus Reform Initiative itself is a three-year plan of 2017 to 2019 in which it intends to bring in new buses of 5,000 units in the three-year plan.

[b]“The bigger size buses will take 70 people (Marcopolo) and then the medium range buses will take 30 people (Mini Buses). We believe that the middle range buses will be supplied up to 70 percent of the total volume which will amount to about 3,600 units and then the longer range in that direction,” he said.

What this means is that the 5000 units buses will be the Marcopolo Brand of buses will accommodate at least 70 people at a go while the mini-buses which is of 3,600 units will take about 30 people at a go. So in all, the LASG is expecting at [b]8,600 units of buses to fully eradicate the danfos in the state. [/b]The mini-buses will go to places the bigger can't go and also go to places that are narrow as well.

These are some more pictures to show you that the buses are ready and ready for action. Our investigation, however, reveals that the Marcopolo buses may be going through Oshodi - Abule Egba axis using the Ikeja Terminus as its boarding station. We keep our fingers crossed as we promised to give you the latest gists as it unravels

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