Sunday, 24 June 2018

How I Lost My Husband and Two Children In 4 Years – Actress Iya Awero Share Heartbreaking Story

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Veteran actress, Lanre Hassan Adesina, popularly known in the Yoruba theatre circle as Madam Awero, has paid her dues as far as acting is concerned.
She was a pioneer member of the travelling theatre, and today, after over four decades, she’s still making waves. Born in the early 50s in Lagos Island, she attended St. Peters’ Primary School, Faji, Lagos between 1956 and 1963. Married to Aliu Hassan Adesina (late), she developed keen interest in acting at a very early in life.

While telling her pain in a recent interview with First Weekly Magazine, the talented screen mother disclosed how she lost two children in four years which almost ruined her acting career. “The only thing that shook me happened in 1974, when I lost a child while acting on stage.

He (the child) was with his paternal grandmother, he was seven or eight years and they came to call me that he died that night, I had to rush down to our hometown. “I lost a second child, when Ojo Ladipo (Baba Mero) died. The two of us were at the burial, I woke up, but my baby did not wake up.

It really discouraged me, but I summoned courage that I had been doing the work for long; I won’t allow all these to stop me. “I believe what has happened has happened and that God would take care of other things and take care of the rest. It actually shook me to the extent that I almost quit acting,” she narrated.

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