Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Pictures Reveal How Arizona Is So Hot That Even Cars Are Melting In 120F Heat

Image result for arizona state in anguish as hit temperatures melt cars
Summer is in full effect and Arizona and the rest of the Southwest United States seems to get the hot end of the deal.

Temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona hit a sweltering record-breaking temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit causing fire crews to handle a surge of heat emergencies.

The city had to open 47 cooling centres and 50 flights had to be cancelled at Sky Harbor Airport as it was too hot to fly. 

Hot cakes: Eight pancakes on a cooking tray sizzle as the heat cooks them

When temperatures rise above 110 degrees, the body can not cool itself down which may result in a death stroke. 
Hot directions: The painting on a road sign melts to the point that the green on it starts dripping off the bottom. Hopefully people know where they need to go already

Well all over social media people have been posting photos and videos of other things besides people who are also being affected by the heat.  
It's melting! A garbage bin is hardly recognizable having melted to the point that trash got stuck in its hot plastic

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