Tuesday, 31 July 2018

It Will Be Disastrous, If PDP Fails To Give Me The Ticket - Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

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Segun Showunmi, the spokesman of the Atiku Abubakar Campaign Organisation, has revealed that it would be disastrous if the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) fails to field his principal as its candidate in the 2019 presidential election.

Showunmi said Atiku deserved the presidential ticket of the PDP because he had been deeply involved in the Nigeria’s political system and understands the peculiarity of the nation’s democracy very good.

According to him, Atiku had built consensus, and is a nationalist that has the ears of the people, adding that he remained the only person who could give President Buhari a run for his money.

Speaking with Daily Sun on why Nigerians should queue behind Atiku in 2019, Showunmi said, “There are many Nigerians but he has unique political qualities that distinguished him from others. Many of the aspirants cannot generate exciting emotions outside of their zone. Some of them are just looking at presidency like ambition; they cannot articulate what they want to do with the opportunity. Nigeria needs a leader that has a global reputation.

“Atiku is obviously better than other aspirants including the opposition aspirants. He has a bigger vision for Nigeria. None of the Presidential aspirants could challenge Buhari in the 2019 election and succeed.

” Atiku is the only person that could do that. It will be unwise for PDP to bring an unpopular candidate to challenge the incumbent President. That would be disastrous. He is open to fresh ideas and he believes that all the tribes should bring ideas to the discussion table so we could collectively and extensively discuss and appease all worrying factions.”

A Nairalander wrote;

Is it the same Atiku who, between 1999—2003, while Obasanjo globe-trotted and gallivanted, Atiku was the de-facto President and made himself stupendously rich?

Is it the same Atiku who ensured His children became directors of oil-servicing companies and forgot about people like you?

Is it the same Atiku who was the custodian of the machinery for national development in the first years of this government and did absolutely nothing with it except enriching himself?

Is it the same Atiku who handled all the Federal Government dealings in the 36 states of the federation, including FCT Abuja, and chaired all the economic projects of the country, and appointed 7 out of 10 ministers yet failed woefully?

Is it the same Atiku who was the chairman for the transformation of the socio-economic landscape of Nigeria and failed to link the 36 states of the federation in terms of good roads, electricity, security of life and property, job creation etc? 

Is it the same Atiku who stabbed Obasanjo in the back that made Obasanjo unable to forgive him till date despite Atiku sneaking into Abeokuta to beg Obasanjo and still got rejected?

Is it the same Atiku who his AC compatriots abandoned after he destroyed AC and forced Tinubu to rebrand it to ACN?

Is it the same Atiku who crept back to the PDP after Yaradua died only to walk out on PDP in 2013 and switch to APC which he described with his own mouth as his last and final bus stop yet when APC failed to satisfy his presidential lust he quickly jumped back to PDP?

Your Atiku is as fraudulent and deceptive as can be. His words or promises are not worth the cost of a tissue paper. 

His personal satisfaction and greed is all he is after

Atiku is a renowned failure and his political career is about to die off after this 

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