Monday 30 July 2018

Kwam 1’s Son, Femi Speaks About Their Large Family & How Kwam 1 Loves To Relax

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Femi is one of the children of juju maestro, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, aka Kwam I. He talks about their large family and his father’s life off the stage with Olushola Rickett

Tell us more about yourself.

I am a young Nigerian trying to make a living in legitimate ways. Though I studied Computer Science at the North American University, Houdegbe in Benin and graduated in 2013, I work in a construction company in Lagos. After leaving the university, I planned to go for a master’s degree immediately, but my father advised me to gain some work experience. I should complete the master’s programme next year.

I’m also into entertainment; I run the affairs of my father’s band and it’s quite demanding. In addition, I do a little of public relations and I just started a photography outfit.
Has your father ever advised you to follow in his career path?

In all honesty, he has asked me what I wanted to do. We had more like a father and son discussion about it, but he is not the kind of father who forces a child into doing things. He will only support you to do what you like to do. When we discussed it, I told him I wanted to make my own mark and do things I enjoy doing. But I can sing and I enjoy singing for the fun of it, at least for now.

Is any of your siblings into fuji music?

I have siblings who sing but none of them does fuji. Oyindamola Marshal, aka, Honey Bee, Sultan Marshal, Farouk Marshal and M-Marshal do music. But they are not based in Nigeria.

How many are your father’s children?

I don’t want to go into details about my family. But like I said earlier, I have siblings who do music. We are one big family. If we are out, you cannot spot the difference. My family is a very loving one and we all have a great relationship. There’s no gap, there’s no difference. If my father gives me N5, he will give my siblings N10 or more. He is a father that understands things easily and knows how to deal with them.

My family is blessed and everybody is happy as my father does his very best for his children. You can’t have a conversation with him in an hour without him mentioning his children. He is a loving father and he cares for all of us.

Have you been told that you resemble him?

I try to avoid going to a lot of places because of this. It is good that I look like my father as I enjoy certain benefits, but one’s personality will determine how one wants to take the recognition one gets. If I am in a place, as soon as all eyes are on me, I start to feel uncomfortable and I look for an escape route.

What makes him angry?

He hates people who tell lies. Regardless of what the situation is, he wants you to tell him the truth always. Of course, he may get angry after hearing the truth or what you did, but he will get over it.
Do you have anything in common with your father?

We both don’t hate liars. Apart from the fact that we look alike, I guess we like the same food as well. My father likes ‘eba’ and I like ‘eba’ as well. He loves bread too.

How does he relax?

He likes reading books or cooking. If he is cooking, he cooks for the whole day, from one delicacy to another. I am sure most people don’t know my father cooks well and he enjoys cooking.

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