Friday 31 August 2018

Pastor Stops Wedding Over Bridesmaid And Groomsman's Seductive Dance

A minister stopped a wedding taking place in Zimbabwe because of the seductive way a bridesmaid and groomsman were dancing during the ceremony.

The wedding between Emmerson and Yvonne was underway and it was time for the bridal train to usher in the bride and groom with a dance. During the dance, one of the bridesmaids stepped forward with one groomsman and as they danced the bridesmaid twerked while the groomsman ground his hips against hers.

The minister was angered by the sight and asked the DJ to stop the music. He then proceeded to admonish the wedding guests, saying:

The dances that are happening here parents and elder you are all watching and when they finish twerking they want to be intimate, they are not brides. Don’t entertain these things saying it is today’s generation, you are promoting immorality in church, we may rejoice but when they leave they want to be intimate, this is nonsense at the end of the day you are going to have pregnancies that’s why we implore elders to monitor rehearsals to see if moral behaviour is taking place.

Watch the video below.

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