Monday 27 May 2019

Prophet Joshua Acquires Multi-Billion Naira Private Jet For Birthday (Photos+ Video)

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Joshua Iginla acquires multi-billion naira private jet during a birthday celebration

…gives out millions, lands and houses to widows, pastors

Founder of Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla has just acquired a multi-billion Naira jet to further the cause of the ministry, he confirmed this during the celebration of his birthday in his Abuja church today.

The clergy who runs the 80,000 seater auditorium widely known as City of Wonders in Abuja just added the new wonder on air to ease the missionary work as a prophet with global impact.

He equally gave over 142 windows 150,000 each and a bag of rice which amounts to 21m. He also gave 3 widows and several of his pastors lands worth 95m in Abuja with assurance to build the house on them.

Interestingly, at such a time like this and due to the numerous engagements of top clergymen we have in Nigeria, acquiring a private jet by them is not a luxury but borne out of necessity. Arguably, Nigerian prophets are among the most sought out globally.

Most times, they are needed in two or three countries in different continents in a day. Hence, there is a need to create a very easy means of transportation for them, coupled with the fact that our transportation industry is still way behind compared to other developed countries and that is why we see men of God purchasing private jets, not to show off but to make movement easy for them for evangelical and missionary purposes.

Of a truth, for Iginla, owning a private jet is long overdue due to his global itinerary and charity cause across the world.

Arguably, the Founder and General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly in Abuja, Pro. Joshua Iginla is incurably addicted to charity works. He is among the top clergy who has touched the needy across the world without regret. Of a truth, he has spent billions in cash and kind to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged and empowering them.

He shocked the world two years ago when he splashed over N23million on 115 widows during his birthday party and over N50m he earmarked for them last year.

Incidentally, that was just a tip of the iceberg.

Some of the highlights of his philanthropic works were portrayed in 2015 when he celebrated his birthday. He gave out 32 cars in a day, including his personal vehicles. He gave them out to the needy and some church members.

In the same vein, in 2016, he gave out 32 cars to those who never thought of owning a vehicle. Still in the spirit of giving, he empowered Artisans and some got generators and cash gifts while the widows got deep freezers, rice and cash gifts ranging from N150,000 to N1.5 million, Treasure Orphanage Foundation, Nyanya, Divine Wound Orphanage, Kubwa and Christ Home Foundation, Kuje, got N1.5 million each and rice while some orphans in the homes were awarded scholarships from nursery to university.

He has over 1000 widows under his care, aged ones on monthly salary and he have given out houses to desolate and church members. He has given scholarship to several kids up to university level, to mention a few.

One of the memorable incidents was the case of Ms Moleofi Mokane. While on missionary work in Botswana, he learnt about her pathetic case and coupled with the fact that the aged woman was living under the tree, he built her a two bedroom flat.

Likewise in South Africa, he gave 10,000 rands each to 34 widows, six widows were given a car each, 100,000 rands to 10 orphans and a brand new Volkswagen polo car.

His benevolence isn’t limited to Christians alone. in 2016, a Muslim lady whose boyfriend poured acid on her over the little issue and defaced her was helped by the man of God with a sum of N10Million for treatment overseas.

Prophet Joshua Iginla has been to hundreds of nations to carry out missionary works. He has been to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, United States Of America, Cameroun, South Africa and so many countries and continents just to preach the word of God. It is noted that he runs a busy missionary schedule around the year globally. Prophet Joshua Iginla is one who is known to have a Prophetic ministry and as such gone to several places to Prophecy, and deliver people from evil spirits. It will also be worthy to note that the Prophetic ministry is one which is requested for worldwide, especially in rare cases where a Prophet also has a very strong teaching ministry. He can be likened to a river everyone wants to drink from, that is exactly who Prophet Joshua Iginla is.

Due to this, he has missed a crusade because of the tight schedule and cancellation of his flight. This destabilized him and the host country he was supposed to visit because he had a divine mission to fulfil there. Aside from that, he has been mobbed severally while waiting for flights and the rigid nature of flight schedule at times do not tally with his flexible schedule in fulfilling his global mandate.

For Prophet Joshua Iginla to get a private jet today, it’s definitely not out of point. it’s just long overdue because of his kind of ministry and missionary work across the world. He is based in Nigeria but can be booked for ministration in three different countries in different continents in just a day. In a case like this, he might not be able to meet up with them because of flight schedules but with a private jet, he will conveniently meet up with them.

Hence, it’s a welcome development for Prophet Joshua Iginla as he joined the league of Nigerian Prophets who have acquired a private jet.

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