Wednesday 12 June 2019

9th NASS Leadership Contest: Deviants Will Pay For Their Sins - Oshiomhole

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The Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has said all the people that went against the Party’s wish in Senate president and Speakership elections will have to answer for their sins.

Speaking on Tuesday after voting had ended in the National Assembly, he said: “We have rules. We expect people to obey the rule and the rules of democracy are clear. When we have taken a position as a party, we expect party members to comply.

“We will look at the constitution and we will see what does it say about people who resort to deviant behaviour.

“I am convinced that no system; particularly a voluntary system can be held together if the rule of discipline is not enforced. A system must have the capacity to use the carrot and stick and balance the mix.

“If there is no stick, as they say ‘you spare the rod, you spoil the child.’ I am a believer in discipline. Even when I was in NLC there was discipline. When we say we are going on strike, you don’t go and breach the picket line.

“The elite must understand that if we use the party platform to climb to a position when there is a debate, not an imposition; we have all discussed, the governors have agreed, leaders of the party have agreed across the board; you can’t say you know more than everyone else. Unless you want to do independent candidate then you go and amend the constitution.

“But don’t ask me is my child doesn’t behave well in school, just wait first whether there is any child who will not behave well.

“Today is a day to celebrate God’s blessings. If God has stood by us and gave us victory, what are my bitter about, but of course, bad behaviour will not be rewarded.”

He said he will not change overnight because of criticism.

“Particularly, when you go back to the recent sponsored attacks on my person. I am not going to borrow another person’s style. I am not a pretender.

“I don’t seat on the fence. I have a strong conviction and I am driven by my conviction, not by the voices in the market and what has happened today shows that those visions are well-pursued consciously with good heart, God bless the outcome.”

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