Sunday 9 June 2019

Update: Woman Who Claimed Her Husband Wanted To Use Her For Rituals Is A Psychiatric Patient

Woman who claimed husband wanted to use her for rituals is a psychiatric patient - LIB reader claims

It appears all is not as it seems regarding the trending story of a woman who claimed her husband wanted to use her for rituals after she was found tied up at the back of an SUV. 

In the video shared online, the woman, who was rescued by passersby who heard her screaming for help from the moving car, is seen with her arms tied behind her back while her child is seen crying in the passenger's seat. 

The woman claimed her husband has used two of their kids for rituals and he was trying to do the same to her and their last child.

She said: “My husband and his friend were on their way to use us for money rituals before we were rescued in Surulere, Lagos.” The husband and his friend, who was in the car with them, were beaten up by passersby after they heard the woman’s story. However, a LIB reader who claims to be close to the situation said the woman has a mental illness and was being taken to the Psychiatric hospital in Yaba after she had a relapse. 

The husband was reportedly interrogated at the Itire Police Station and was released when the police were convinced no crime had been committed.  The woman is reportedly now at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, receiving treatment for her mental ailment while the husband is also in the same hospital receiving treatment after he suffered an eyelid laceration while being battered by passersby who thought he was a ritualist

After an investigation by LIB as a result of the way her husband was beaten to a pulp, it was found out that the woman is a psychiatric patient.

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