Friday 26 July 2019

For Heaven Sake, Stop Using Wigs, Makeup, Earrings – Evangelist Victot Edet Warns Singer Tope Alabi

Evangelist Victor Edet has sound a warning inform of an advice to gospel singer Tope Alabi, that wigs, makeup, earrings should not be the reason her heaven be jeopardise.
Evangelist Victor Edet stated that if Tope Alabi fails to heed to his warning, she will end up not making heaven. Noting that the gospel singer is talented and gifted, he wrote;
TOPE Alabi, you are talented and gifted, but don’t allow your labour to be in vain. Take off the Weavon, Attachment, Earrings, Make-up and Artificial Nails. Anyone who wear this things won’t make Heaven.

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