Sunday 4 August 2019

PICTURED: Walmart Gunman Patrick Crusius, 21, Who Went On 20-Minute Shooting Spree With An AK-47 in El Paso, Killing At Least 20 And Wounding 26, Before Surrendering to SWAT Team

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A gunman opened fire and killed ‘multiple’ people who were doing their Saturday shopping at the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, said Mayor Dee Margo. At least 22 people have been rushed to hospital and it is believed 40 have been injured, including a four-month-old baby, according to CBS News Their injuries are believed to range from non-life-threatening to severe, while at least 19 have reportedly died, added the US news site.

The gunman is seen wearing what appears to be either headphones or ear defenders during the shooting on Saturday

However, the number of fatalities has not yet officially been confirmed. The suspected gunman is in custody and has been identified as Patrick Crusius, 21, of Allen, Texas, reported CNN. Two police officials and one government source confirmed Crusius’ identity.

Chilling CCTV screenshots show the gunman aiming his weapon inside the shopping centre while wearing headphones. It is believed investigators are analyzing an online post published just days before the shooting, which could reveal a motive for the attack. Officials don’t believe any other suspects are outstanding right now, despite the mayor saying earlier that there had been three people in custody. 

Earlier, El Paso police tweeted saying there were multiple reports of at least one shooter, but they now believe it was a lone attacker. Police urged people to keep away as armed officials continue to search Walmart and surrounding areas but said the scene was no longer ‘active’. Shortly after the attack, El Paso police issued a Twitter urgent plea for blood donations, as hospitals struggled to cope with the number of casualties needing life-saving treatment. Videos shared on social media show terrified shoppers being rushed out of the mall with their hands above their heads.

epa07755413 Kendall Long (L) comforts Kianna Long (R) who was in the freezer section of a Walmart during a shooting incident, in El Paso, Texas, USA, 03 August 2019. Reports state that at least 10 people have been killed and 30 are injured. Police say that one male suspect is in custody. EPA/IVAN PIERRE AGUIRRE

Kianna Long (R) was in the freezer section of Walmart during the shooting incident (Picture: EPA)

Armed Policemen gather next to an FBI armoured vehicle next to the Cielo Vista Mall as an active shooter situation is going inside the Mall in El Paso on August 03, 2019. - Police said there may be more than one suspect involved in an active shooter situation Saturday in El Paso, Texas. City police said on Twitter they had received "multi reports of multipe shooters." There was no immediate word on casualties. (Photo by Joel Angel JUAREZ / AFP)JOEL ANGEL JUAREZ/AFP/Getty Images
Another distressing video shows a man hiding under a table as numerous gunshots are heard in the background. Sylvia Saucedo, who filmed the terrifying video underneath the table, recounted the ordeal on Facebook in Spanish. She wrote: ‘What a horrible experience! Shooting in Walmart in Cielo Vista! ‘My mum and I were underneath the table filming this because 911 didn’t answer! I imagine that all of us that were there were calling at the same time. ‘We’re so grateful to God for having looked after us.’ FBI are investigating (Picture: AFP) Multiple people have been injured (Picture: AFP) Customs and Border Patrol police walk past individuals that were evacuated from Cielo Vista Mall (Picture: AFP) President Donald Trump tweeted that the situation in El Paso was ‘very bad’ and there had been ‘many killed’. El Paso Mayor Margo’s voice broke as he confirmed the news that several people had died during a press conference on Saturday. ‘This is a tragedy that I’m having a hard time getting my arms around, frankly,’ he said. Police said at around 3pm (local time) there was no longer an active threat and the FBI are investigating. El Paso is in west Texas along the border with Mexico.

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