Thursday 9 April 2020

Amazing Story! 'I Lost My Job, My Girlfriend Dumped me And How Online Portal 'Nairaland' Saved Me From Suicide

I Attempted Suicide. Here's What I Want Suicide Loss Survivors to Know

Today the 8 of April makes it exactly 1 year that one of my bank accounts had over a million naira and it was that same amount that changed my life forever.

yes, it changed my life so badly that it nearly made me commit suicide but thanks to this beautiful forum that came to my aid at just the last seconds of ending it all.

Now what you are about to read is my life story of how everything changed for bad in the space of just under a year and how
(1) I lost my job,
(2) my loving girlfriend dumped me,
(2) how I overcame some deep temptations
(4) how I overcame deep depression and nearly killed my self
(5) and how that my ex died and in her death, I knew I had a son.

Just deciding to write about these has gotten me in a melancholy mood as I have been in a morose state for the past few days thinking about how my life changed but I know someone might learn from it. Now I had to use a new moniker for this as my former moniker has many things pointing directly to me as I don't want anyone I know to know it's me but I would surely be reading the comments with my real account and these could be lengthy but bear with me.

it was a Thursday in the month of September and i had walked and trekked all over IKEJA from 12pm till 5pm knocking on the door of every single hotel I could find asking them if they needed a new staff because I had been jobless for close to 6 months after loosing my job in the hotel where I worked.

I so needed a job because I was dead broke, hopeless, tired and on the verge of losing my mind when I got home tired and hungry by 7pm from my job hunting with just 50 naira left in my pocket when my neighbour came to knock on my door to tell me it was my turn to load our prepaid meter and I needed to get it done ASAP as it was gonna finish anytime soon.

I sighed in helplessness, I looked up the Sky looking for the savior in desperation and told her mu neighbor that I would get it done, When I got into my bedroom I collapse on my bed and called both the only 2 friends I had to send me 1k to load my apartment's electricity but both of them gave me the same answer GUY ME SEF BROKE PASS YOU and as I was contemplating my next course of action my neighbor MAMA CHINEDU came to knock again on my door but this time she yelled and called my name Mr Michael ( not my real name) you are the only one that stays at home and finishes this light please go get it done soon as I was making dinner for my husband because it won't be funny if this light gets to go off and as I laid helplessly on my bed I had her grumpling and walking away and right there and then I said yes it's enough, I can't take it again, no more, I was weak, i was defeated, i was empty and no will to fight again as the fight of the last 6 months had taking every single bit of strength from me and i went into my bathroom to take a bottle of sniper I had bought a week prior to that day and when I got back to my bedroom i cried, I prayed for the acceptance of my soul in heaven and called on my mom to come wait for me at the gate of heaven and on the verge of downing it all with my heart pounding so fast and my hands shaking uncontrollably a spirit just told me to bury my head in shame and beg publicly on Nairaland and live to fight another day and guy's with tears in my eyes and my bruised pride and ego I wrote an epistle on a DAVIDO and CHIOMA's thread even with my social media account as prove that I was real I begged on this forum that day and some people called me a scammer, some called me a liar but some encouraged me and told me not to give up and some beautiful soul send me all together 9k but one advice that changed a lot of things was a guy that told me young man instead of looking for a job while not create a job for yourself that's me learning a skill so I would sell to people and right there I decided to learn how to fix CCTV camera.

Mom got me the job as a hotel attendant in January of 2017 after I stopped playing football due to a nasty hip injury I had some 4 months earlier ( I was a very good footballer as a youngster and when I finished my secondary school education in the year 2008 I decided to play football instead of going to a university. I Went to the national under 17 camps I won't mention the year and was dropped because I couldn't pay a bribe of 2M as I was amongst the final 35 player's. We would talk about my football career some other day).

And because of my hardworking nature my boss liked me very much and with an innovation, I brought to the hotel I was made an assistant hotel manager in just 5 months in the job and With this new innovation the hotel made lot and lot of money and I made some cool cash as well. I made an average of 5k per day and at times 20k each weekend while my salary increased from 13k to 50k.

I started to make lot of money and got my own small one room apartment meanwhile all this while I had a girlfriend that had a lil daughter that I saw as mine. I loved my girlfriend so much and took care of her as well as spend a lot of money on her and her little girl because I loved her as she was there for me while playing football and because her daughters dad was none existent in their life.

Unfortunately, my mom died November of that same year without enjoying my money as I would have wanted and I spend virtually all of my savings to bury her in my home state( we from the middle belt) and during this time of mourning my girlfriend was very dear to me, she would cook for me and my family that came to Lagos, she would go to market, wash my aunt's clothes and she was there as any good girl should be and that made me love her even more but I remember immediately I got back from the burial in January of 2018 she told me she took her daughter to go see her dad and spend some days with him and I asked her if anything happened between her and the guy and she said NO.

I was too emotionally drained to press any further and I think by February of 2018 she told me she was pregnant and WOW was my reaction, I asked her who was responsible and she said me of course and I asked her what she wanted to do with the pregnancy and she said she wanted to get rid of it, I told her to keep it but she insisted of getting rid of it and sincerely I didn't press her much and I gave her 20k that same day and a few days later she told me it was done and I believed her but a month after she left her mom's to go stay with her grandma at Iyana-Ipaja Lagos.

I would ask her when she was coming back home and she would reply she doesn't know. I would ask her can I come to see her she would tell me NO and that she doesn't wanna see me and we continued this way till she called me one day probably around MAY of 2018 and told me she couldn't date me again as her baby daddy is now responsible and wants to take care of her and his daughter again.

I told her that at least let's see and discuss these face to face but she said we couldn't see me again. I asked her wasn't I treating her and her baby well she said I was, don't I love you both enough she said I do, don't I bang you well enough she said I do then what happened was my final question but she couldn't give me a satisfactory answer so right there I just ended the relationship and moved on with my life.

And my life was just working, church, work again. Around September of that year that I went to Facebook and saw my girlfriend and her baby daddy in a traditional Yoruba naming ceremony setting. I was confused but she did the abortion na I wondered so who has this child that shola carried I asked my self, so I messaged her on Facebook and asked her what's happening and she told me she has something to say to me

Because I still loved her very much because of our history and how far we had come i didnt delete her number on my phone so I called and when I said hello she just started to weep, like weep profusely and I asked why is she crying and can she explain that picture on Facebook, she said she gave birth to a baby boy.

You can imagine my reaction guys. I was dumpfounded and didn't know what to say for close to a minute then she said she didn't abort the pregnancy I gave her money for as the pregnancy actually belonged to her baby daddy which makes the boy his.

At this juncture I was so confused and asked her was she cheating on me even those times mom just died and she said yes but I should forgive her and I been foolish to forgive her but told her we couldn't date again but from my heart, I forgive her because she showed lot of remorse through that phone call we had and after that day she would call and tell me how the guy is maltreating her, how he doesn't feed her and the new baby and I started sending 5k per week to her for her upkeep and that of the baby.

I made sure I called her always, made her happy and smile again. I would go from my end to hers at Iyana-Ipaja to see her, we started becoming close again and when the baby was 3 months old the guy beat her up and I told her to leave where she was and come back to her mom's and I would take care of her feeding and that of the kid. I was making money and I sincerely loved her so I believed I was doing the right thing and I got seriously ill in December of 2018 all this while we weren't dating again but we were already so close again and I remember she came home with that Lil boy to take care of me and oh Goodness this boy was the perfect replica of me.

That day she came she cooked for me, gave me my drugs, washed my dirty clothes and she decided to pass the night and we had the most powerful and most passionate lovemaking session we ever had and cried together and she promised never to hurt or cheat on me again so, we decided to come back together. ( I had forgotten a leopard never changes its spots).

We got back together and it was such a beautiful time. She practically stayed with me with Lil Samuel while the daughter was with her Mom. Samuel became so dear to my heart that I did everything for him as to me he was my first son and everything from December of 2018 till April was so good for me and my 2 step kids and my girlfriend

Now my salary was always paid into my First Bank account and not for a day did I touch my salary after I had emptied it in December of 2017 for mom's burial I saved all of my salaries till March of 2019( I don't smoke or drink or go clubbing even tho that innovation I said I did in my hotel was done in the club of my hotel) I had other investment like buying bikes (OKADA) for people to ride for me while they pay me daily. And after my salary of March was paid I decided to transfer everything I had from my investment account of UBA to my salary account and it was 1.3M and I decided to be foolish.

I decided to rent a bigger apartment for my Young family instead of investing it all again. I remember it was on the 8 of April when I paid 300k for an apartment and I used another 300k to furnish it to my taste because I wanted my new family to be comfortable. ( I guess I just needed someone to replace the love of mom that I lost when she died I'm an orphan dad died when I was barely 2) guy's I and my family got into my new apartment on the 17 of April and decided to buy a new Keke Napep for 635k on the 18 of April and the Keke was stolen on the 21 of April I nearly went mad but guess what guys I lost my job on the 27 of April without me doing anything to my boss

On the 8 of April, I had 1.3M and a job and on the morning of the 28 I didn't have a job again and my account was down to less than 20k. It felt unreal, it didn't feel real, I didn't understand what was happening, it felt like a dream but whenever I tried to wake up from it I realised it was real.

I and my lil family started managing the remaining 20k but it was so little that I had to sell my new fridge on OLX less than 2 weeks after because I hated begging or been on the fate of others. I remember selling that fridge for 30k and gave my girlfriend 20k to keep us fed while I used 10k to look for jobs but I didn't see any and in less than 2 weeks my own 10k was gone and my girlfriend had less than 3k left from the 20k I gave her and the first temptation came.

Remember I worked in a hotel right? and in every single hotel I don't know about the island but in the mainland, the biggest customers are always guy's into fraud and what we know as Yahoo Yahoo. I had a laptop then that my daughter use to play game with or that I use to watch movies or use to browse irrelevant thing's with and my girlfriend needed some money and feeding at home was getting difficult for my family so I took my laptop to the place I worked before to sell and one of our regular customers then told me I lost my job and in less than 5 weeks I was already lean, and he said that instead of me selling my laptop he would teach me to work and take me to Ijebu to meet his Babalawo and I would be cashing out in less than 2 weeks and right there he gave me 5k and told me to go home to think about it and give him an answer in 2 days. I remember going home with the 5k and my laptop and my girlfriend asked me why is my laptop still with me when I knew she needed money. She needed 15k I think and I told her I couldn't get anyone to buy it but I had 5k that she and the kids could manage and for the first time after we came back together, she nagged so much and said something's that I won't say here. That night I tried touching her and she said no sex until I got her that money and all through the night, I couldn't sleep as my mind was all over the place like I was failing my family and that night I decided to go to Ijebu.

Now let me tell you a Lil thing about me and my girlfriend. I was 22 and still playing football while she was 15 when we met in the year 2015 and She already had a few months old daughter then. She loved me for who I was then, after training she would bring food for me when I was at camp and needed card she would send a card to me if I couldn't get to mom she would send me a card, if she had 1k and I needed it she would give it to me, she would steal her mom's money to give to me to travel to play football when I had any injury she would be there to nature me back to health, she would pray for me, she was there for me sincerely so I felt I owed her for her sacrifices for me then. She was there for me ooo and yes she had her flaws because she was a young lady but she was an Angel and still my angel. Anyways Let me get back to my story.

It was around early July of 2019 and by this time I knew I and baby was on the verge of a break up because she started disrespecting me so much. She just wasn't seeing any effort I was putting in again. now no one even knows this and not even her from May till June and early July I did bus conductor in Lagos. Thank God none of my former classmates from secondary school saw me.

Anyway back to my story and the second temptation I had. There used to be a customer in my hotel then, let's call him Mr Greg. Mr Greg worked in the apapa seaport. He stayed in the most expensive room in the hotel which was 20k and he had been our customer I think since February of 2018 till I left by April of 2019 and his company paid directly to the hotels account. This Mr Greg was such a quite man and he liked me a lot. He trusted I alone, only I got his meal from Amala junction or those fridde Rice from Cinema.

He gave me his ATM to withdraw money for him and only I entered his room. I thought he liked me because of maybe the way I spoke good English or how we discussed politics or football or the Bible but never women and guess what Mr Greg never invited a woman into his hotel room but each Friday he had a new guy that came back with him till he goes back to work on Monday.

This should tell you who Mr Greg was and I never judged him, I never saw him less a man or less human or looked at him in that condescenting manner because who was I to judge anyone. Yes I loved my shola but I wasn't particularly a saint when it came to women as well as I was good looking and tall and had many girl's at my Beck and call.

Now back to Mr Greg, there was a day he got back from work when I was still working in the hotel and he called the intercom and told me to come to his room and when i got there I met him with just his towels round his waist and he told me he had a hard and a strenuous day and needs me to massage his body for him, yes it was weird but because he was one of the biggest customers we had I had to oblige him and when I was massaging him I could hear him moaning silently and I told him I had to go but he turned around and faced me and he had a big hard on and he told me he would get me a job that would pay me over a 150k a month even with just my secondary School certificate if only I agree to be his lover. I was angry and full of rage but I told him I would keep this between us but he most never call me Into his room ever again.

So I already knew who Mr Greg was and what he wanted with me, so when I became so broke with my shola putting lot of pressure on me I called Mr Greg that early morning of July and told him I needed his help financially so he said when he closes from work he would drive over to my bus stop and pick me up so we go talk and true to his words by 8pm I think he called me to come outside and I told baby and my kids I was going out to bring a nice meal for them and and Mr Greg drove all the way to that Mega chicken before agidigbi and he bought me some nice meals I haven't had in a while and bought a take away back for my beautiful family at home and he drove to a dark and lonely spot around Guinness and asked me what I needed money for and I began telling him I wanted to learn how to fix CCTV and learn how to drive a car and as well give babe some money to learn how to make cake and he asked me how much I needed and I said 80 to 100k and he smiled mischivously.

Now all this while I thought Mr Greg was such a gentleman. Whenever I bought food or anything for him he always left his change with me, he was a man of few words but that smile was so devilish and mischievous. Anyway back to the story Mr Greg smiled and got his wallet out guys and brought out some newly minted Dollar note and right there he removed 300 dollars and he showed me and said this is just beginning of what he would do for me if only I agree to do something for him now and I asked him what does he want me to do and he said if he nuts in my mouth after I give him a Mouth Action.

Now, guys, you can imagine how helpless I was, I already told shola I was coming home with some money and this was what I had to do for it. I shade some tears in the car and asked Mr Greg if he couldn't help me without me doing that and he said I'm lucky he likes me if not he would have told me to eat his ass as those guy's I see that he comes with into the hotel with him even do more difficult things than a Mouth Action and as he was saying this he was smiling mischievously and telling me he doesn't give guys second chance but because he loves me and loves my long legs and has fantasies how I would cry when he slides his dick in my ass.

I kid you not guys this is so real and even remembering it now is making me so sad. Now I was got between the devil and the deep blue sea. I told him ok that I was ready to do it, I just needed help from somewhere and money so badly as I felt the pressure at home and as he removed his belt and took his seat backwards and removed his dick he said NOW SUCK IT BABY and gets your money I realised if I did it then I was hooked forever and I would always go back to him for more and right there I regained my senses and told him no more and he gave me 2k I think and dropped the food he bought and speed of and I deleted his number and since then I haven't heard or seen Mr Greg and let me just add I now respect married men and father's that work to provide for their family

I remember getting home that night and dropping the meal for my family and just went into the bathroom to cry with the shower on and after she ate she came into the bedroom and asked me where is the money I went to collect and I told her the conditions that were attached to the money was too much for me to do but she flared up we exchanged a lot of words back and forth and that innocent kids were just looking at their parents and right then and there she said I'm too lazy and can't do what other men did to make money and provide for their family and I can't provide for her and the kids and thank God she didn't give me that baby. Gosh I flared up and I'm so sorry I hit her, I slapped her and I just hope she knows I'm so sorry for that action. I told her how I provided for that kids and her from January of 2017 till May of 2019, I paid her daughter's school fee, I told her I regreted taking her back, I regret even falling in love with her and how I foolishly got the apartment because of her and her bastard ( I still feel bad about saying those words to her) immediately I said those words and she cried so much and i went to apologise to her and begged her while also crying and while saying sorry to her she said these exact words to me ONE DAY I WOULD REALIZE THAT EVEN BASTARD HAVE FATHER'S AND I WOULD ALWAYS BE A PART OF HER BECAUSE THAT BASTARD IS MINE, I told her to explain that words but she said it's nothing, I begged her so much to tell me if Samuel was my son she said he wasn't but Samuel was growing up to look exactly like me, gentle like me, calm like me, generous like me and those words played in my head all through the night and after that episode, I knew we were almost done as we were just clinging on straws and now to the last temptation and break up with my shola

Remembered I said I played football right? After secondary school in the year 2008 I decided to proceed to play football so I registered in an academy in Mile 2 trade Fair complex.

If you know Mile 2 trade Fair complex then you should know aspamda and those Sand field behind, Don't know if it's still there again tho. That was where I trained and even at 17 as of 2009 that I was then all my older teammates that were older with 10 years thought I was gonna be a future captain of the super eagles because I was such a good football player so I was well-liked by them all and one of my ex-teammate was Arinze ( not his real name) Arinze was a striker, always had me marking him when we do personal training after the whole team was done training so, we became very close.

This Arinze's brother-in-law was a drug pusher, for we his teammates all knew but we kept our mouths shut because his in-law was good to us, he always bought us new balls and Jersey's and food and paid our transport whenever he was around. (I hope the senior man doesn't see this oo). And hope I'm not given too much information?

His brother had a lot of shops in trade Fair and Alaba international then and Arinze always told us if he doesn't make it as a footballer he would go into pushing drug full time. While I was still working in the hotel I and senior man would chat and he would ask me about my new job, my shola and everything else and during this time senior man has stopped playing football and was into drugs.

I remember him asking about my job one day and I told him and he asked how were my salary and I said 50k and he laughed that his dog eats more than that in a week and I remember after I and babe had that fight that night I asked him to send me some money the next day to help me kick start my life again and that I needed money so much as I was losing my 2 girls and my boy and he asked how much I needed and I said 100k. ( when a senior man calls or we chat when I still worked and he asked about my family or son he always sends 5 or 10k for the boy) so he told me na yeye money I go dey give you (which was the 5 or 10k for my Lil Samuel) till you ready to do something real to make better money and I asked him what is that that he wants me to do to make real money he said and I quote WHEN YOU READY TO CARRY PALLET TELL ME I GO LINK YOU UP MAKE YOU MAKE MONEY AND MAKE YOUR FAMILY AND LATE MAMA PROUD.

And right there In my heart, I knew no one could ever help me ever again without asking for anything in return and I either agree to carry drugs or I continue hustling and pushing and doing dirty jobs to feed and feed my family.

And by late July and early August babe had to take Samuel to her mother's and I barely saw her again. I would call her she wouldn't pick up and she takes hours to reply my WhatsApp messages even when it shows she has read it and by August 16 she came to my house and she sat me down and said we can't continue this again and it's better she goes as she doesn't love me again and that she already has a new boyfriend.

Oh God, my heart was broken into shreds and I begged her not to go Lol. I begged her and cried like a baby for her not to leave me then, hahaha it's so funny now. I held her feet, was crying seriously oo but she left me crying and right there and then I spiralled into full and chronic depression

From then on I was just living a purposeful life because there wasn't the will to live again. I was so lonely, there wasn't anyone to talk to or laugh with. No one chatted me up again, I would go some time's 2 days without a meal because there wasn't any food to eat, my soap got finished and I had to start to use Klin detergent to bath, yes I always looked good and smiled when I went outside because I still had a lot of good clothes but deep down I was dying slowly and mightily lonely and depressed

I would go make a block at Fagba railway and be paid 1500 but that 1500 is spent this way. 200 goes for my transport, 200 to eat morning food, I would buy Tramadol 100 to numb the pain from carrying 700 blocks per day, I would use 300 to eat afternoon meal and another 100 tramadols before you sleep to numb the pain growing on my hip again and another 200 naira food at night again, I was just frustrated and each night I wet my pillow with tears and prayed to die while sleeping and each morning I woke up with a fake smile when I saw people.

I had to stop making block as I was getting addicted to Tramadol as that could finally mean the end of my life as addiction to tramadol without a job or money would surely lead me to crime and I went to start making bread in a bakery and we would be paid 600 per night after we have worked so hard during the night. All this stuff got me so frustrated and depressed and always angry and just wanting to end it all

You might ask don't I have Uncle's or Aunt yes I did but none came to my aid whenever I swallowed my pride to ask them for help and all they would say is why did I play football and not go to school and I went this way till that hot September 5 of 2019 after trekking so much and knocking on the gate of more than 10 hotels and got home to meet my neighbour needing me to go fix that light.

I just couldn't take it anymore and I was just within seconds of downing that sniper when I shamefully begged here and this were few reasons why I spiralled into a deep depression.
(1) My girlfriend left me
(2) a boy that was already sleeping in my arms and chest was taking from me.
(3) used to do a giveaway to those that were broke every single Tuesday on my WhatsApp and now my WhatsApp was like a ghost land.
(4) remember eating 2 bags of Rice in the year 2018 alone and now I couldn't even afford a proper meal again.
(5) my soap was 2k that lasted less than 2 weeks and my cream 4k and now I used Klin detergent to a bath.
(6) I gave those almajiris in my bus stop 200 per day i kid you not and now I didn't even have 1 naira on me again.
(7) how I single-handedly buried Mom but now I couldn't even afford 200 to go look for a job unless I trek

After that experience on nairaland yes it was 9k that I got but the many ideas I was given and the encouragement to live on really pushed me to give life another chance.

I was crying while writing that epistle and putting it on nairaland and even having to convince some guys to understand I was real and not a scammer was tough on itself but that night that depression left because of the calls and encouragement I got from nairaland and the next day I sold something at home and paid to learn how to fix CCTV camera instead of just been at home wallowing in self-pity or doing jobs that were killing instead of bringing in money.

I began learning how to fix CCTV and by November because I took it so serious and with a lot of determination to learn it I was done learning and someone told me to take my job to social media that I could get more clients and thanks to Joe Abah on Twitter he was so gracious enough to help me retweet my pinned tweet on my Twitter handle and I got a lot of views that day and some potential clients, yes I haven't done a big job yet but there is now a reason to live and smile again and be a better man

January 1st my shola called me to wish me a happy new year and I wished her as well and I asked about Samuel and she said he misses me and from her voice, I could tell she wasn't feeling too fine because that wasn't her normal voice but I decided not to care again, how I wished I pushed to know what's was wrong with her

She told me she would like to see me for something important but I said we weren't gonna see until I get a car and make money again how foolish I was and she said no wahala and that she would always love me no matter what and I just waived it aside and moved on with life until the 25 of February i think when I got a call as early as 6am by her friend that knew we were dating and she asked me if I had heard, I asked her heard what and she said Shola is death.

I asked Esther if she was mad what kind of dirty joke is that and she swore it to me that it was true and immediately my heart sank again and those sleep in my.eyes vanished into thin air and I immediately dropped the call with Esther I called Shola's line and it was switched off, i went to her WhatsApp to chat hwr up but her last seen was January 8 and I called her Mom and the Mom confirmed it.

Oh goodness my heart was broken, I cried, I cried, i cried oh I cried that morning again. And i began to reminisce of how she helped me during those times I was still playing football, her laugh, our pictures together, those times we made love, those times we took our kids to the eatery together, those times we planned to get old together, those times she helped me press my hip with hot water, those times she would steal her mom's 1k or 2k to give to me to travel to play football, those times she was there when my mom died, those times I was sick and she would stay with me till I get better, those times she would fight anyone and everything for me and during this moment I didn't think about her hurting me again, I didn't think about her dumping me or cheating on me, I even blamed my self that if I hadn't rented that apartment she could still have been alive and while still mourning her a few days later her Mom called me and asked me those questions.

When Shola's mom called me her first question was do I know who the father of Samuel is and I replied and said yes, of course, it's her granddaughter's dad and she said to me I'm the real father of Samuel and that her late daughter reiterated it 2 days before she died guys I went crazy again.

Why me, why me, why me was the question I was asking my self. Why is all this thing's happening to me was the question that just kept repeating itself in my head?

I went to see my boy and the connection was instant ooo just carrying him again after 6 months send shivers down my spine and now I'm just waiting for his Grandma to tell the other guy that Samuel is mine.

I have already started sending my kid small money again for his upkeep Lol even tho not much because I don't even have much now but i would do everything within my power to give this Young kid the best of life that me and his late mother my queen his mother planned for him even when I never knew he was mine.

Wow, I'm done. My hands ache. Just wanna say thank you to Seun Osewa for this beautiful forum, thank you to Joe Abah for retweeting that tweet even tho it hasn't yield dividend yet but thanks and thank you to those beautiful souls that saved my life with that 9k I know you remember me and I say God bless you.

and to those on the verge of suicide I tell you that you can overcome and it's not the end of the world for you and Whatever you are passing through has an end ok and I need you to realize people somewhere is passing through the same or even harder situation than you. Don't give up, don't stop praying even tho I lost my faith a Lil but don't lose yours because only the almighty can do all things.

To my young sister's reading this please be contented with what your man gives to you. The course of sholas death was so painful when I heard but please my dear sister don't date a Yahoo boy for any reason or even go out with one.

I tell you Yahoo doesn't work again and what they do now is Yahoo plus and some of this guys are heartless and don't care about anyone than just to make that fetish money and they would use you and any other girl they find to keep that money coming.

To my Young King's reading, this doesn't have a girlfriend in your 20s, please. Use that time to develop your self. Work hard to make yourself better as getting a girlfriend would really slow you down from attaining that top you want to go.

And last Please if you are too weak to move on or too tired to live again and you think suicide is your escape please speak out, yes some would laugh at you and call you names but speak out as there is that one person that would listen to you.

Via - Nairaland
Edited by Sesan Olasupo

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