Monday 20 April 2020

Two Men In Anambra Combat to Death After Stepping in To Defend Their Quarreling Wives In the Same Compound (Video)

Two Nigerian men combat to death while defending their quarreling wives in the same compound (Video)
Two Nigerian men from Anambra State have reportedly killed themselves during a bloody fight that occurred after their wives got into a quarrel.
According to reports, the fight that ended in a stalemate saw the two men lose their lives. It all started when two wives began arguing and one called the other stupid, saying it is the reason her husband beats her every now and then.
The husband upon hearing this came out to defend his wife and also his integrity after accusations of him beating his wife were made by the other woman. The second man also stepped out to defend his wife as it was already two against one.
The fight that seemed as though a few fists would be exchanged till neighbours come and quell the tension became so tensed that chairs and bottles were being thrown. In a few minutes, both men had inflicted fatal injuries on each other.
Popular Instagram blogger confirms both men never survived as they both fought to sea
th like gladiators from the Roman colosseum.
Watch video of the fight below:

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