Tuesday 18 August 2020

Company Offers To Pay Couples $3,000 To Have Sex On 8 Different Mattresses


A popular sleeping research and advice company, Sleep Standards wants to pay five couples $3,000 each for having sex on eight different mattresses to see which one is the best.

OrientalTimes gathered that the company will send its chosen couples a new mattress weekly, for eight weeks, and all they have to do is provide an honest review on how good the mattress is for bumping uglies.

According to information on the company’s website, they will swap out the used mattresses when a new one arrives. Sleep Standards also disclosed that all mattress “testing” will be done inside the comfort of the couples’ own homes.

The company says: “We all know that a bad mattress can lead to problems in bed, and a good mattress can do wonders. To save people the trouble of looking for a comfortable mattress through trial and error, we came up with this experiment”

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