Tuesday 18 August 2020

Nigerian Lady Shares Romantic Tale On How She Got Married Just 15 Days After She Met Her Man

Lady Shares Romantic Story On How She Got Married Just 15 Days ...

A lady has taken to her Facebook page to give a narration on how she married her husband just 15 days after they met for the first time.

According to the lady, everything felt right and it didn’t take long for the man to propose that he wanted to be with her forever

Her post reads;

Married in 15 days…

On July 5, 2020.. I met my husband while he was delivering furniture to my sisters house… When they were almost finished he asked me for ”Myspace”..

Lol, i gave him my FB and before he drove off he had already requested me and sent me and inbox! We talked that night and every night after until 5-6 in the morning!

It just felt right! By the middle of the week he said he wanted to be with me forever…by Friday we talked abut marriage and obtaining a license.. by the end of the conversation he had sent me all his information.

First time in my life a man has been so for sure about me!!!

Saturday he bought a ring.. Sunday was our first date.. Monday we go our marriage license!

The following Friday he met my best friends and fit in perfectly.. on Monday morning, July 20,2020 we married!

When i say his man made plans for me…. whew chile… a week later he had us a place!

Every day since then God has been blessing us! Everything has been lining up.. he provides for us while i focus on nursing school! He’s so sweet, caring, kind and patient… God knew we need each otther! I love Tyrus Carr and I thank God for you.

See people’s comments and reactions below;

Adaobi Jenifer: I can’t accept this.
Before marriage, get to know how they react when they are very very angry!
It not about the wedding, it not about the ring, it about how happy and how long it lasts!!!
Some people are so sweet and kind but u may not be able to cope with their anger

Ridwann Ad Sina: There are women who are in a relationship with you but they already know the date when they are going to leave you. For me, it is obvious that between you two there is love. Wish you lots of happiness!!

Chris Orie: I believe this was never their first relationships, they must have experience relationships in the past. But truly when you find the right person for u. Boundaries are broken, everything runs fast .. true love can make you look stupid in the eyes of the world.

Martina Ambrose: Everything is all about luck and Grace when the right time comes you don’t need to stress yourself

Atinuke Daniela: The Koko of d matter is dat, if d right man and woman meet, they are very good to go. Staying in a long relationship does nt tell how long d marriage will last. My prayer is DAT, we will meet our own Gods will for our life. Amen!!!

Omoregie Precious: In as much, I don’t want a long relationship but 15days is capital No for me God help you both to succeed in this journey in Jesus name Amen

Ugokings Keke: Once your character is good to go as a lady, there will be no need for a long relationship from any man that wants to settle down. Congratulations

Princess Chinwe Ike: That’s the way I want it, nobody should come and study me like university. 3 days is enough for me to talk to God about it to know if is His will.
I don’t need proposal, nobody should come and make me lord of the rings…when you are ready I will show you the road to my father’s house.

Adesewa Omosobi: When it comes to a man, forget about you want to know him well b4 going into marriage cos you would never until u both belong to each other. Good or bad may come out of it.

Söphy Ënëh: This is God’s doing😍..
Not some 1yr, 2yrs and 5yrs they are still studying each other🙄🙄😒.
So, I’ve decided to focus on building myself and not stress my head over dating.
When the Right Person comes, you won’t stress to make it work💯✌.

Treasure Paul: She is just lucky. even me as a woman I can’t accept any marriage proposal under 1 month,talk more of 15 days.

Walshak Kos-Trouble Rich: The fact is when a prepared man meets the right woman, he can get married a few days after meeting her

Most of you saying it’s dangerous, dating for many months does not determine how long the marriage will last. Some people date for many months, get married and divorced a few months later

This life no get a formula, just pray to meet the right person and also pray to be prepared financially when you meet them because what is stopping some guys from getting married is financial problems

Lois Akpa: Happy for her ooo, some ladies will first meet d sons of pharon, demons and heron B4 meeting their Joshua and caleb that will take to promise land.

Gigi Gift: Yet my girl want to take all the time in the world before she say yes, going to 2 months now that we met

Cynthia Amadi: 15 day and she got married to the man is her luck, her’s and others can’t be the same plz we have to be careful to avoid being a single mother biko

Anne Wats: I’m sure the day she met him, she was walking up-side-down. Only 15days! All these sons of Methuselah I’m meeting be telling me stories for 8yrs and more. 😭😭😭

Solomon Lilian: Is only small boys that Engage girls for years ,real men will just go strength to the point, (which is marriage)


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