Wednesday 19 August 2020

Group Of Strangers Suddenly Appear And Rescue Family From Floodwaters (Video)

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A group of men were the light at the end of a tunnel when they came across a family stuck in a flash flood during a tropical storm. The group of strangers teamed up to save a family close to drowning.

Hugh Lofting caught the rescue on camera as the family was trapped in rising waters in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Dan Di Gregorio and three other men were able to rescue the family by making a human chain and holding onto each other. The four strangers saved a man, his two kids, his niece and his little brother from being swept away into the rushing currents.

Dazoh Dua, who had moved to Coatesville from West Africa, was trapped when waters from Tropical Storm Isaias surged and his car started sinking in West Marlborough Township last week. In the video, you can see the look of fear in the children’s eyes as the water rises. Just as it gets worse, a big rig just happens to drive by and rescue the family.

Watch the video below.

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