Saturday, 16 February 2013

Blue Ivy’s Face: Finally Revealed! And She Looks Exactly Like a Tiny Jay-Z

Well, here she is! The hour has come! America's favorite famous-baby is finally ready for you to gaze upon her adorable chubbiness and DESPAIR. Someone leaked a still of Beyonce holding Blue Ivy from the HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream, and the internets are abuzzing with face-analysis. Is she more Jay? Or is she Bey? I'm not really sure why you're bothering to ask, because OBVIOUSLY a mad scientist has hit Jay-Z with a shrink ray and he's probably riding around on an ant right now. Somebody get Rick Moranis on the phone. More pictures after the cut......

It only took a year, but we finally see that baby ya'll! This afternoon Twitter blew up with pics of little 1-year-old Blue Ivy, taken from a still of Beyonce and Jay-z's baby girl in Bey's documentary, Life is But a Dream, which airs on HBO tomorrow. No one would ever doubt who this little cutie's parents are, as her upper half is the spitting image of mommy Baddie Bey and from the nose down she's all the Jigga man.

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