Tuesday 5 November 2013

103-Year-Old Groom Marries 99-Year-Old Bride After 80 YEARS Together (PHOTOS)

103-year-old groom marries 99-year-old bride after 80 YEARS together (PHOTOS)
It is a love story that began six years before the outbreak on World War Two.
Now, eighty years on, a Paraguayan couple who fell in love and moved in together in 1933 have decided to cement their relationship – by getting married.
Jose Manuel Riella, 103, vowed to give himself to Martina Lopez, his 99-year-old bride, during a ceremony attended by dozens of their family members.
As guests wiped away the tears, Mr Riella, who wore a smart dark suit and a light blue shirt, sat in his wheelchair and smiled at his wife, who wore a long white wedding dress.
The wedding was held at the couple’s home in Santa Rosa de Aguaray where an altar had been erected for the event.

103-year-old groom marries 99-year-old bride after 80 YEARS together (PHOTOS)
And unsurprisingly for a couple of their age, there were quite a few relatives who came along to see it.
In total many of their eight children turned up and brought 50 grandchildren with them, 35 great-grandchildren and 20 great-great-grandchildren.
After the vows there was an ‘entertaining’ party and the priest who presided over the Catholic ceremony said he was the oldest newlyweds he had ever married.
According to the BBC, Mrs Lopez became very emotional after the priest gave their marriage his blessing.
She and her husband had already been through a civil wedding 31 years ago but they wanted to have a religious service as well – though that took a bit more time.
During their eight decades together they would have seen incredible changes in the world, not least because in 1933 things were so different.
103-year-old groom marries 99-year-old bride after 80 YEARS together (PHOTOS)
That year British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald held talks with US President Franklin Roosevelt on the Great Depression, the original version of King Kong was released and the iconic Harry Beck-designed map of the London Underground was revealed for the first time.

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