Friday 8 November 2013

Van Vicker Fights For Women : "Stop Abusing Them During Auditions"

Top Ghanaian movie actor Van Vicker who celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife Adjoa on November 16th , has lamented that he hopes in the future, movie makers will stop taking advantage of women who want to act so it will not discourage women from coming forward for auditions.

He made this revelation at a time he was addressing the media on his 7th movie production. In a chat with him, he told NigeriaFilms.Com Reporter In Ghana Mustapha Ayinde Inusah AKA Attractive that he is preparing to shoot his 7th self-produced/Directed movie which will star, Regina Anne–Dei Van Helvert, 1st Runner-Up of Miss Malaika 2012 pageant who was recently named face of new cosmetic range #Gm1623, and Nasara of Ghana Most beautiful.

He added that he will be using most of the upcoming stars from his movie school, and upcoming discovery talents. Van Vicker who was recently a judge on Miss Malaika 2014, stated that lots of women who go for beauty pageant are very talented and can be good movie stars but the reasons why they are not being discovered is the fact that though they really want to act, they don't show much interest in it by going for auditions.

He noted that these ladies who are scared to come for auditions because the directors and producers will take advantage of them, can also try and do one on one approach and if they are good materials for movies, he will make use of them.

“The advice I have for them is that they shouldn't feel too big to come out for auditions. Anne–Dei Van Helvert, 1st Runner-Up of Miss Malaika 2012 shown interest that she wants to act and after an audition she got a role to play,” he said.

Talking about his new movie, he said that is basically about slave trade and its effects.


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