Thursday 7 November 2013

Nigerian Man Publicly Beaten In India -[ Video]

A 37-year-old Nigerian was found murdered alongside the Anjuna-Canca road at -Parra last night, According to Mapusa police, after they received a call from the Control Room, Panjim, early morning, they rushed to the site ,Mapusa Police yet to identify the deceased . meanwhile hundreds of Nigerians and other Africans has gathered at the incident place and demand immediate arrest as they claim that they know the person who murdered. they also said that about a year back ,there was a similar incident was took place in which A 35-year-old Nigerian was found murdered at same place and Mapusa Police had identified the deceased as Adesoye Ganiyu Folahan ,but the case is still undetected by police ,they also said that Goa police are trying to hurshup the matter.the situation in the village is tense

Below is a Nairalander [ Afam4eva(m)] comment on Nairaland :

I'm boiling as i'm watching this video. It the responsibility of the Nigerian government to take an expedient action to curtail this idiocy. These Indains are in this country fleecing our economy and maintaining a high social status and over there in India they treat our people worse than dirt. Something has to be done. We can't remain the laughing stock of the world. people think they can just disrespect Nigerian the way they like and get away with it. No human being should be humiliated the way the guy was humiliated. Even if he stole something, that's not enough to subject him to such treatment.

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