Wednesday 6 November 2013

"Prophet" Caught Having Sex With Married Woman In A Bush Commits Suicide [Photo]

A "prophet" who has been identified as Simon Neruwana, a prominent prophet with the Zion Churchwas was caught banging a married woman in Mutare, Zimbabwe. The church man who spotted them and took the video is a member of the Apostolic church who was doing his prayers in the bush. The Madzibaba man got curious when the two disappeared onto the ground. He got closer and saw the man pull down the woman’s pants and then his own trousers to just above the knees and the two started having sex. A four-minute tape was also recorded of the prophet and the woman has become an instant hit in Mutare. 

More photo after the cut....
Unconfirmed reports reaching us are that the Mutare Madzibaba one Simon Neruwana, a senior prophet with the Zion Apostolic Church of the bush sextape has committed suicide. Details are still sketchy but rumours reaching by iHarare News crew from Mutare are that the jilted husband of the cheating wife set a trap for Madzibaba. When the sextape leaked Madzibaba took a “sexual sabbatical” to his rural areas in Bikita in order to evade the long lens of the media. One of the moles informed us tha Madzibaba Neruwana used a lot of money to buy The Manica Post copies last Friday in a bid to stop his neighbours from reading the bush act.
“He tried to conceal the incident, but word had spread around the ghetto. He could not bear the humiliation and left for his rural home,” said a neighbour who requested anonymity. Another resident said Neruwana was popular in the sprawling ghetto because of his ‘prophetic powers’.

When will "married" women stop falling prey to "men of God" and stop following them to weird places for "prayers"? 


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