Friday 3 January 2014

Lanre Teriba Marries Folashade Adesomu

Lanre Teriba a.k.a, Atorise, said ‘I Do’ to his long standing and pregnant lover, Folashade Ademosu penultimate weekend.
Folashade was already pregnant for his hubby, Lanre before the marriage introduction which held at the bride’s family house in Ikotun Egbe area of  Lagos.
Though this is Lanre’s first marriage but Matinee gathered that the honey-voiced singer has about five kids from different women. We are wishing them a happy married life.

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  1. Yall really need 2 gt a life n stop ruining sum1 else life, Lanre av a wife rukayat n av 4kids wit her, he neva father any kids wit any oda woman n av alws been a devoted father 2 his kids. All dis h8red rumors is affecting Lanre matrimonial home and all of u sat in ur own home laughing and earning money 4 sum else sadness. May God put sadness in2 all of u life as well. Posting rumor n false comment abt sum1 u all don't knw personal n ceating trouble in his life n causing drama n tarnishing his image, alws tryin 2 ruin his career, do yall nt av d fear of God? U all tlk abt Lanre to av d fear of God buh yet yall r lying n spreading rumors, wot does dat say abt u all as well? Lanre was neva shot in SA and heneva father any oda kids aside Rukayat kids his high school sweetheart, hw many naija artist of 2day married der 1st luv n still stay wit der woman afta stardom? Yall 4gt Lanre is started singing @ a very young age & a man been young wit fame can easily b lead astray buh he redeemed himslf n stayed focus. Plenty of ladies sending him nude pix on fbk, twitter etc tryin 2 sleep wit him all bcus of money, still Lanre did nt gv dem attention n yet yall tlk rubbish n spoil dis guy image. serzly it need 2 b stopped n I tink until Lanre sue 1of u bloggers n gt u 2 jail, den yall will stop spreading false rumors. I'm his very close friend dat knws him in n out n he's ryt ere it me reading wot I'm writting. enough is enough u all r breaking his home wit all dis false rumors.