Wednesday 1 January 2014

Stella Damasus Shares Her Inspiring 'New Year' Resolution

Stella Damasus
I am starting my year with a twenty one day fast and asking God for strength to see it through.
I know the things that I need God to do for me and my family! I also know that I need answers and direction from God. Most importantly I know that it is time to stop wasting my time and face my calling regardless of what people will say or think.

I know That I want to build my relationship with God and advertise him to the world with all that he has given me. I also know that it is time for you all to step out in faith and live the best life you were called to live. As the world draws closer to its end, we all need to be mindful of what we absorb from this world and society.

- We all need to know where we stand and who we stand for
- We all need to know for a fact, what we are doing and when we are supposed to do it

- We all need to know where we are heading and not be guided by the expectations of people 
- I am not going to waste my time in 2014 
- I am not going to look the way people expect me to look but the way i know I should look
- I am not going to spend money on irrelevant things when there are hungry and uneducated children out there who need help

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