Thursday, 30 October 2014

Couple arrested for bestiality 'after husband uploaded video from his phone of their pet boxer performing a sex act on his wife'

  • Brenda and Robert Mettler, from Oklahoma, charged with crimes against nature/sodomy, cruelty to animals and distributing obscene material
  • Mrs Mettler, 42, told sheriff's deputies her encounter with their white boxer was a 'one-time deal'
  • Mr Mettler, 44, admitted that it was a fantasy of his to watch women have sex with dogs  
  • A Claremore couple was arrested on bestiality complaints after police found at their home a video showing a dog performing oral sex on the wife.
    Brenda Mettler, 42, and Robert S. Mettler, 44, were jailed Thursday on complaints of crimes against nature/sodomy, cruelty to animals and distributing obscene material.
    The pair each posted $60,000 bail and were released from jail Friday, said InvestigatorKyle Baker of the Rogers County Sheriff's Office.
    After issuing a search warrant, Baker searched the residence and located several videos showing different breeds of dogs performing sexual acts — including intercourse — with women, according to a police report.
    Brenda Mettler said she and her husband made a video of a white boxer performing oral sex on her a long time ago, records indicate. The woman said it was a "one-time deal," adding that the dog has since died and she didn't know her husband posted the video to the Internet, documents show.
    Robert Mettler told police it is a "fantasy of his to see dogs and females engage in sexual activity," a report stated.
    He initially told authorities he didn't know the video was posted on a website that features bestiality, saying his account must have been hacked.

    But police were able to match the video that appeared on the website with a video in the husband's cellphone, an affidavit claims.

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