Friday, 31 October 2014

Video:Passer-by captures moment homeless Canadian man sits down at public piano and gives a spectacular impromptu performance

Wonderful moments in life can come at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected of places.
A homeless man, who had been living on the streets for 30 years, is the unlikely star of this video which has gone viral and has been watched by over one and a half million people.
The man known only as Ray is seen playing a poignant and beautiful song on the outdoor piano in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The video was captured after Roslyn Polard was passing by the piano in the city's Churchill Square when she was stopped in her tracks by the incredible music. 
Speaking to CBC News Ms Polard said she had to stop and turn around and go back, 'because it was so beautiful'.

Two videos which were earlier posted on YouTube also show a man with a similar appearance to Ray playing various pianos around Edmonton in recent weeks.
The homeless man looks like he derives great enjoyment from playing the piano. 
'You could see his face light up every time somebody walked by,' Ms Polard said. 'And he was happy to have an audience, he was happy to have someone to chat with.'
The onlooker was worried her presence may have been invasive, however after she spoke with Ray she realised he was happy to have an audience.
Pride: After the impromptu performance homeless man Ray tells Ms Polard that he wrote the song himself

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