Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Man Who Walked On Water! Are These The Secrets Behind Dynamo's Greatest Tricks?

Illusionist Dynamo ‘levitated’ from the side of a double-decker bus in his latest stunt - now find out what may lie behind all his stunts.

The celebrity magician who levitated from the Clapham bus has also levitated Lindsay Lohan, James Corden and Matt Lucas in a number of impressive illusions.
Dynamo, 30, has also ‘walked’ across the Thames, turned Fanta into Coke, and somehow managed to convert lottery tickets into banknotes on live television.

The illusionist, whose real name is Steven Frayne, has said he does not use big stage sets or teams of helpers.
So how does he do it?
The leading theory is that he was supported through a prosthetic limb in place of his right arm. Throughout the stunt Dynamo's right arm - the one touching the bus - remains at a perfect right angle to his body. Some have speculated that his real right arm is tucked beneath his clothes, while a prosthetic limb is bolted to the bus and specially designed to support his weight.
Other theories include the idea that there is a secret hidden platform. The most likely candidate is a thin wire that Dynamo can balance on. Some people believe camera trickery could also be behind the stunt.

However both these theories have major flaws. If a platform was strong enough to stand on, surely it would have been spotted? How could camera trickery be behind the stunt with 360 degree exposure and so little control over the audience's eyeline? His right arm seems to be the key.

Walking across the Thames
In 2011, Dynamo walked around a hundred yards on the Thames before he was taken away in a passing police boat.

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