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Pasuma’s Dancer, Seun Omotoyinbo Death - Sister Clears Air On The Last Days Before Her Death

Kemi and husband, Godwin

The Nigerian entertainment industry was thrown into mourning on Thursday, October 2nd, 2014 when the news of the death of popular dancer, Olukemi Omotoyinbo a.k.a. Kemi Paso broke. This sexy dancer who only got married 3 weeks ago, was a former dancer with Fuji music star, Alabi Pasuma.  She died in the early morning of that fateful Thursday after child birth, in a Lagos hospital. Kemi Paso, on September 13th, 2014, got married to Ikechukwu Eloanyi at White House hotel, Toyin Street, Ikeja, lagos. The late dancer was very popular among Fuji artistes. She danced for the likes of Shina Peters, Wasiu Ayinde (K1), Pasuma and some others. Kemi, who was heavily pregnant and formerly based in London and Italy for some years, 
The untimely death of popular of Kemi Omotoyinbo-Eloayi, after being in and out of labour for several days at a private hospital in Lagos, remains a shock to both family and friends.

Encomium mag. was able to speak to the younger sister of the deceased, Seun Omotoyinbo, who cleared the air on what really killed her sister.

Read excerpts below:

Kemi and husband, Godwin
How exactly did it happen?
On Saturday, September 13, 2014, my sister got married at White House, Toyin Street Ikeja, Lagos. Then on Monday, September 22, she went to the hospital for checkup where the doctor told her she needed bed rest and was immediately admitted in the hospital till the day of delivery. Before her wedding, the doctor had already informed her that she would undergo surgery and she already paid N170,000 meant to cover the hospital bills on Wednesday, October 1, 2014. My sister called me and said she wanted to give me a surprise without knowing I was getting two surprise packages from her. At about 8-9pm, our elder sister called to inform me about the safe delivery of my sister. I requested to speak to her but was told she was still in the theatre. I decided to go to the hospital the next morning because I stay at Akoka and the General Hospital Oreke where she was, is located at Boundry, Ajegunle, Lagos.  At 1am, I received a call from my elder sister saying, “Kemi just passed away”, I became mad that moment and could not sleep till dawn. Although, I did not believe my sister was gone until I got to the hospital and saw her body.

What really was the cause of her death?
My sister never knew she had fibroid until she was almost due for delivery when the doctors detected it, that was why the doctor decided she would have a caesarian session because she would not have the strength for natural birth. Before her body was released to us, the hospital demanded a balance of N78,000 but one of the doctors told us not to worry about such an amount that we should pay N42,000 instead. And her husband paid immediately before her body was laid to rest at Atan Cemetery, Lagos, on Thursday, October 2, 2014. Kemi still spoke to her husband after the operation saying, “Honey, I made it” but did not have the opportunity to carry her son because she was still weak. However, my sister had fibroid which lead to internal bleeding and unfortunately, she did not survive it.
Contrary to other reports that said your sister’s husband could not afford the medical bills, is it true?
My sister and her husband paid N170,000 for the medical bills before their wedding three weeks ago and I saw the receipt. In fact, every member of my family confirmed that the doctors were really nice to her till the point of death, rubbishing all other reports from the media that she was not properly taken care of. After her death, I went through my sister’s BBM and text messages to find out if it was true that she begged for money to pay medical bills but it proved abortive except for a text message to one of her male friends whom she accused of not attending her wedding and she said, “You won’t be at my baby’s naming abi! Oya, send money to my account”, which I believe anyone can have this

Kemi, husband and Pasuma
Kemi, husband and Pasuma
kind of conversation with any of her friends, especially when they are very close.
How is the baby coping without breast milk?
He is doing very fine. But without his mother’s breast milk, he cannot be very strong. But the doctors recommended we feed him with SMA Gold, which he is taking very well in replacement of the breast milk.
How is her husband taking the whole?
He was nearly mad. At the hospital that day, he tore his clothes and even broke some glass windows. We had to calm him down and avoid further damages. Even at the naming of his baby on Wednesday, October 8, he was still very inconsolable; I have never seen a military man cry like that.
Being the closest to her, what would you say were her unfulfilled dreams?
Some of her friends never believed Kemi could be pregnant again because she lost a pregnancy many years ago, after she broke up with her boyfriend. Then she got into another relationship for three years but was unable to get pregnant until she met her husband last year September and she was able to conceive again. Before she died, she would always tell me even if her husband leaves her, she would be happy to take care of her child alone. The only dream she had was, “to have a child of her own” because she loved children.
How would you recount her last moment?
We were together at her house in Ajegunle, Lagos, a day after her wedding. She wanted me to withdraw some money for her because I was with her ATM card and her husband was not home but I refused because it was too early for her to start spending money. Also, the night of her wedding as she was about getting into the car, I started crying saying, “I am going to miss you” till her mother in-law came and said, “is she going forever?” My sister and I always stayed together all these years, this sudden breakup is a shock to me.

Her baby
Her baby
What are the things you will never forget about her?
There is nothing I can forget about her because she was the best. She was always there to bring you back whenever you are making a mistake. She was a very kind and down to earth person. Even my mother said, “Who will ever be like her?” We do loads of side talks together, especially when there is a new face in the house.
How is your mom and other members of the family taking her death?
Our mother is out of this world but we thank God.
Tell us about her lifestyle?
She was a free minded person; she loved her family and friends very much. She was God fearing and enjoyed cooking. We went out together and she was the best thing that could happen to anybody.
What went through your mind when you heard she passed away?
I could not believe it. She used to tell me, if I want to go anywhere I should always tell her. So what went through my mind was, “She was to tell me she was passing away” because that period, I had lost my memory.
How did the naming of the baby go?
We were told by the pastor not to cry and we tried to maintain that till we could not hold it anymore. His names are Ikechukwu, Oluwafemi, Oluwakemi, Funsho, Emmanuel Eloayi.

Kemi and husband, Godwin

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