Saturday, 6 June 2015


My experience in a land of opportunities and promise of the better future but yet with a heavy burden of broken promise, heartbreak, lack of compassion and empathy, tolerance and forgiveness.
I have always adored United Kingdom as one of the best countries in the world to seek a refuge with great promise of a brighter future for the new generation and a world class in humanitarian services which is undoubtedly true.
My confidence about this fact made me seek refuge in the UK in 2004 with my partner as we settled down to live our lives as a law abiding citizens. Although we had no right to live in the country at the time, we hoped and pray as every other illegal immigrant. My partner later seek asylum in 2005 during the period of which my partner and I had four children aged 10, 8, 7 and 4 all of which were born in the UK and have been granted leave to remain.

We lived our lives without depending on public funds even though life in the UK as an immigrant was extremely difficult, I still managed to take care of my family and raised well behaved, well mannered and well trained children that I believe will one day make the entire nation proud. My children are among the top students in their various classes owing to my dedication and support for them as a responsible father and husband.
My desperation to become recognised as a legal migrant with full status led me to follow wrong advice which I later regret deeply. In June 2011, I was arrested at home by the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) for“Deception to obtain leave to remain” and I was sentenced to 32 months in prison. My absent from home took a great toll on my family especially my children. I cried regularly each time my partner brings me news of the emotional and physical stress my children are passing through which I’m yet to forgive myself for.
I was later released in October 2012 and at the hearing, I expressed my deepest regrets and I also formally apologised for my actions and inactions. Despite all efforts by the Home Office representative to paint a false picture of me claiming that I was a danger to the public and that I will abscond if my bail was approved, the reason why, I’m yet to understand, the judge saw the sincerity in me and ordered my release.
Ever since I was released in October 2012, the Home Office had little or no contact with me, someone they considered dangerous to the public but eventually turned up again in January 2015 after much more pressure from my solicitor and my constituent MP (Kate Green), saying my application for Article 8 under Human Right to family and private life was refused.
In 2013, I was issued with a deportation order but was later withdrawn by the Home Office after the judge said that he cannot decide on my case without my partner’s pending asylum application being decided upon by the Home Office.
Meanwhile, in October 2014 my partner’s asylum application was granted and was issued leave to remain with all my four children. Even though, my case was linked with my partner’s case and the Home Office issued us with a letter stating that I am among her dependants, it’s unfortunate that I was not granted leave to remain as the rest of my family.
On Friday morning the 15th of May, just before getting my kids ready for school, the UKBA stormed my house to arrest me with up to 7 intimidating looking men and women, the type used for hardened criminals or a terrorist. It was a big shock and unexpected, all my children including my partner were frightened by the bang on our door. My children were shaking and really traumatised by the scene before they are locked up in one of the bedroom.
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I believed that I have been punished enough by the UKBA and repatriating me back to Nigeria (May 26th 2015) is totally unfair and unjust. The UK system has failed me and my family despite the two appeals based on humanitarian grounds and family ties submitted before and on the day of my deportation, yet the UK system failed to recognise any of this two point as a reason not to deport me.
I am seeking this medium as an opportunity to appeal to everyone out there to please sign this petition so that I can be reunited with my family. I really miss my family especially my very young children, I can’t survive without my family, I cry every single day, and I can wait to be reunited with them.
I once again sincerely apologise for my misdeeds and I hope to seek favour and forgiveness from the British public, UKBA, the general public and last but not the list my family especially my children.
Thanks to you all.
Prime Minster of the United Kingdom Rt Hon David Cameron MP

Please click the link below to sign the petition:


  1. Stop separating families that creates many single parents.our society is full of children lacking parental upbringing .How do you feel if separated from your family

  2. I would request that you go to mountain of fire and miracles ministries for deep deliverance. My God that doet hard things will visit you in Jesus name.

  3. I believe that if not for anything a repentant heart should be forgiven for a government that preaches human right and encourages family bonding.The UK government should grant his appeal after all he is not a menance to their society.what do they want the children to turn out to become without the man of the house been their with strong disciplinary figure.thanks

  4. what was your misdeed???