Tuesday 2 June 2015

Virgin Nurse Gang Raped by 4 Armed Robbers in Lagos

An angry 18-year-old auxiliary nurse has accused the owner of a private hospital of negligence after robbers raided the hospital and four of the robbers raped her in turns.

The robbers also carted away valuables belonging to patients on admission at the hospital. Lagos State Western Nigeria.
The incident happened at private hospital in Egan, Lagos State, western Nigeria.

P.M.NEWS gathered that this year alone, robbers have raided the hospital three times.
The victim (name withheld) alleged that the owner of the hospital did not provide security for his staff and thereby subjected her to mental torture after she was raped and she lost her virginity.

She reported the incident to the police at Igando Division and the medical director was arrested and later released on bail.

P.M.NEWS gathered that the robbers stormed the hospital around 3 am recently and scaled the fence before gaining entry into the premises.
They overpowered a 19-year-old security guard from Niger Republic, tied him with rope and locked him in a room before carrying out their operation.

The staff on night duty were brutally attacked and wounded and when the roobers could not get enough money, they resorted to raping the teenage nurse in turns.

The Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Adegbola Dominic confirmed the incident and said he could not be held liable for the rape of the nurse.
Dominic told our reporter that he was contacted by a staff on duty that robbers invaded the place and broke into his office.

He said when they did not find any money, they broke into the patients’ ward and carted away their hand sets and money found on them.
He said he was also informed that one of his staff was raped and when he asked the victim, she denied.

He said that he was surprised when her parents came to the hospital with police and dragged him to the station over the nurse’s claim that she was raped.

Dominic said he told the police that he could not be liable if the victim was raped because he did not send the robbers, adding that the nurse was a victim of circumstance.

He said when the incident happened, he reported to the police who are now investigating the matter.
Dominic revealed that it was not the first time robbers have raided the hospital.

He said the robbers invaded the hospital 10 days ago in the same manner and robbed patients before the latest attack.
He said he did not know their motive because it is a public place where they can’t see much money if actually they were looking for money.
He said he was making arrangement with the residents to prevent further attacks.

When our reporter visited Igando Police Division, the DPO was not around to comment on the matter.
Police sources at the station confirmed the incident and said investigation has since commenced on the matter.

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