Saturday 18 July 2015

10-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth After Complaining Of A Stomach Ache

A 10-year-old girl in Belo Horizonte, Brazil complained of a stomach ache at school on Tuesday just hours before she gave birth to a child. When her teachers found her to be in the late stages of labor, she was rushed to the hospital.

The girl reportedly told her mother that her stepfather, 40, abused her. The mother reported the abuse to police. The stepfather has left the home and is now under investigation for rape.

The girl's mother reportedly claimed that she had not noticed her daughter's stomach growing larger over the months. She had no idea that her 10-year-old daughter was pregnant.
The police reported that the girl's mother told them her daughter began to struggle in school and become less social starting in October. Police chief Capt. Castro said:
"The mother alleges that she, along with other family members, hadn't noticed, taking into consideration the child's small frame."

The girl reportedly told police that her now ex-stepfather threatened to kill her mother and brother if she told anyone about the abuse. He has been charged with rape of a child and illegal possession of firearms.
The girl was only seven months pregnant when she gave birth. She was still able to give birth normally to a healthy baby. The girl and her baby are both being cared for in thehospital's neonatal unit.

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