Tuesday 14 July 2015

This Woman Has Become An Internet Icon After Killing Her Abusive Husband


I’m not really sure how to react to this latest story to spark a major social media storm. Turkish woman Çilem Doğan has turned herself in after allegedly killing her husband. However, the mother-of-one has revealed she has no qualms about killing the man because he was abusive.
Doğan told investigators that she had “no regrets”, and gave reporters a thumbs-up in a T-shirt that read: “Dear past, thanks for all the lessons. Dear future, I am ready” giving a massive fuck you to all her haters.

icDoğan, 28, said that the abuse began less than a month after they tied the knot and carried on throughout their marriage. With claims of numerous beatings (including during the birth of her child), imprisonment in her own home, and plans to take her to the city of Antalya and pimp her out as a prostitute.
As reported by the Hurriyet Daily News, Doğan told the police: “When I opposed, he beat me. He pushed me on the bed and the pistol under the pillow came into my mind. I grabbed it and shot him repeatedly. Then I took my daughter and left the home.”
According to a staggering statistic cited by Al Jazeera, around 40% of women in turkey have been abused. Çilem Doğan has therefore sparked an outburst of supportive messages on Twitter from domestic abuse survivors. With one user writing that “Çilem Doğan is our pride”:
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And others tweeting that Doğan had the right to defend herself, if her claims of abuse were true. This user backed her actions stating that “self-defence is a right”:

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