Wednesday 15 July 2015

Amazing Miraculous Transformation: This Woman’s Journey From A 1000lb Heavy Weight To A 200lb [Photos]

This is an amazing story of courage and determination, although it did not start this way.
In 2008, Mayra Rosales of Texas, weighing a whopping 76 stone, admitted to killingher nephew. She claimed she fell on the boy and killed him by accident.
The case that ensued brought other facts to light. Despite her confession, there were doubts in the minds of the prosecutor and even the judge. She was, for one, too fat to commit a murder. The woman could hardly move around. Further clues led towards her sister, who ran off to Mexico.

Mayra finally admitted she had taken the fall for her sister, who in fact, had beaten her son to death. The reason, you ask. Mayra wanted to protect her sister and was willing to sacrifice the miserable life she was leading as a morbidly obese individual.
"I was already giving up in life, and the way I saw it, when they began saying I was going to get capital murder charges, I really saw it like they were doing me a favor,"she said.
The trial was an ordeal, much like Mayra’s life in recent years. She was ready to embrace death with open arms right up the point that lawyers and well wishers forced her to reveal the truth.
Her sister Jaime Rosales was finally convicted and sentenced to 15 years in jail.
With justice prevailing, greener pastures lay ahead for Mayra, who with the help of concerned doctors, went through surgery, a diet and therapy. She emerged a changed person and although her struggles to lead a normal life aren’t over; Mayra is determined to keep at it.
Too obese to walk because her “excess baggage” are too heavy and often get in the way, Mayra Rosales lived a very difficult life. At her largest, she weighed as much as 470 kg [while the average woman her height weighs around 60 to 65 kg].

Her old photos were just crazy. You could not tell where her legs end and where her hips begin because her fats are all over the place. I could only imagine how she lived in all those days she was that heavy – how hard life must have been for her!
Today, her photos are so different from the old ones that you might think these are two entirely
different people. It is not clear what really motivated Mayra into changing her image but she must have realized the morbid obesity could shorten her lifespan.

Plus, how boring life must have been inside her room, not being able to see the world and
enjoying the breeze… Spanish-language TV show Sábado Gigante chronicled her weight loss
Mayra embarked on a weight loss program that had amazed everyone. On the first week, she shed off 5 kg on her own. She also had several procedures done to remove her excess fats and to help her cut down her weight.

She went on a diet, started a fitness exercise regime , and soon enjoyed her much lighter
body. Over the course of her personal challenge, Mayra lost a total of 350 kg! How awesome is that?
She’s lost some 80% of her total body weight and is smaller than what her leg had been back when she weighed over 440 kg.

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