Tuesday 14 July 2015

Signs of the End Times: South African Pastor Commands Congregation to Eat Snakes & They Obey

According to a post on End Times Disciples Ministries Facebook page, the pastor told the congregation the he had “the authority to change everything into anything and it will obey because of our authority”.

Penuel Mnguni, 24, the leader of End Times Disciples Ministries church in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, allegedly declared a snake a bar of chocolate (Chomp) for the congregation to eat

In the pictures uploaded on social media, the pastor can be seen holding a snake while preaching. He further helps some of the congregants, a man and a woman, to open their mouths in anticipation of the snake.

This is not the first time Pastor Mnguni has done something out of the ordinary. It was reported earlier this year he ordered his congregants to take off their clothes before sitting on top of church members and praying for them. He then jumped on a female congregant he was praying for while the rest of the congregation sang and danced in celebration.
It was again reported this year that the young pastor made his congregants eat a weave off a woman congregant’s head. He told them the weave had turned into nutritious food that would do no harm to their health.
Mnguni is the understudy of Rabboni Ministries leader Prophet Lesego Daniel, who made headlines a few years ago for making his congregation eat grass.
Last year, it came to light that he had begun making churchgoers drink petrol. He told his congregants the petrol would turn into Fanta Pineapple flavoured drink.

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