Saturday 21 November 2015

Alariwo Opens Up On His And Wife’s Health Issues - Diagnosed With ‘Varicocele’ While Wife Suffers From 'Acute Pulmonary Embolism'

Crossover singer, Alariwo of Africa, real name Rotimi Martins, was recently reported to be bedridden with a disease known as Varicocele, which is described in medical terms as an enlargement of veins inside the scrotum.

Alariwo however made an appearance over the weekend at the 2015 AFRIMA Awards dispelling reports of his ‘bedridden’ condition.

In this interview with Punch, Alariwo cleared the air on the report.

‘People have been speculating about my health lately. Some reports even said I was bedridden. This is not true. I was not bedridden and I have never been. But it is true that I am about to undergo surgery. I am still trying to find the right place to have it done. I have to choose either India, Germany, Israel, England or America. I have been taking some drugs to slow down the pain in my scrotum until I am ready to undergo surgery. All I just need is enough funds to travel abroad and treat it’. 

‘I have been going through a lot, these past weeks. My wife has been in the hospital for over one month. She has been down with acute pulmonary embolism. It has been very tough, but God has taken control. The doctors at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital said only a few people could survive the ailment. 

I am happy that she is one of them. But her treatment has cost me quite a lot of money. I spent an average of N54,000 everyday for about 19 days. Apart from this, I was buying a drug called Clexin at N37,000 for her every week. She received a total of about 96 injections altogether on her shoulder during the period that she was undergoing treatment. And all that while, I didn’t leave her bedside. I was with her in the hospital.’...

He went on:

“Before now, I didn’t want to talk about my health or my wife’s illness or the challenges I have faced these past weeks. I had decided not to make my problems known to the public for some reasons. I guess the details were leaked through one or two friends of mine that I whispered to and they were blown out of proportion online. I never made a public appeal for funds nor called a press conference for that purpose.
But it is when you find yourself in a situation like this that you know those that are your true friends. A lot of people were kind enough to provide support during the crisis. I am talking about people like Ayo Animashaun, Otunba Sesan Rufai and many others.”

The singer was full of praises for popular stand-up comedian, Julius Agwu, who phoned a few days ago to surprise him with a donation of $35,000.

He said:

“Julius is the only entertainer that has volunteered to donate the sum of $35,000 to my cause. I was shocked when he called to say he would give me the money. Now what I should be looking for is the balance. I want to thank him for this wonderful gesture.”

Other friends and colleagues of the Crossover king, such as Agatha Amata and Dayo Adeneye, have also expressed their desire to support his quest for additional funding.

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