Sunday 15 November 2015

Amazing! 5 Ailments Good Sex Can Cure

Aside pleasure, good sex has several other beneficial values to the human body which are currently unknown to sexually active individuals but this piece will surely enlighten you.

A recent article on Daily Mail revealed that sex really does cure a headache. The online news platform revealed the hypothalamus region of the brain is active during a cluster headache, and the same area shows activity during orgasm.

So, what else can sex cure? Take a look at the list below and start treating your ailments:

1. Stress:
Need to relax? Look no further than the bedroom. In a Scottish study, men and women were placed in stressful situations and told to keep records of their sexual activity. People who had recorded having intercourse responded better to stress.

2. Sleeping Problems:

Trouble hitting the hay? Forget counting sheep. Oxytocin, the endorphin released during orgasms, also promotes sleep.

3. High Blood Pressure:

Researchers discovered that sexually active people have lower blood pressure when faced with stressful tasks.

4. Bad Mood:
Not only does semen contain mood-elevating chemicals, such as endorphins and oxytocin, the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality found that sexually active people take fewer sick leaves and enjoy life more. Sex has also been shown to boost self-esteem.

5. Dull Skin:
No need to apply extra bronzer. Turns out, the “sex glow” is real after all. Thanks to increased blood circulation, oxygenation of the blood, and a rush of endorphins post-orgasm, the effects of sex can do temporary wonders for your complexion.

A Canadian study last month found that half-an-hour of sexual activity could burn more calories than walking on a treadmill - the researchers claimed sexual activity could be considered significant exercise.
The study measured the sexual activity of 21 couples aged between 18 and 35 - they were monitored using an armband to calculate how many calories the wearer burned, and the intensity of the activity. 
In a typical session lasting 25 minutes, the men burned an average of 100 calories, the women 69. The intensity of the activity was measured in METs (the Metabolic Equivalent of a Task); for men, the average reading was six METs, for women it was 6.6.


Research in the journal Neuroscience and Behavioural Reviews in 2012 has explained the sleeping-pill like effect sex has on men. Brain scans showed the pre-frontal cortex, the area associated with consciousness, alertness and mental activity, 'switches off' after an orgasm.
Other research has shown that in men an orgasm's tension-relieving effects are like taking 2mg of diazepam (a sedative). 'This  explains why men want to sleep after sex,' says Dr Ghosh. And hormones released in orgasm - melatonin, oxytocin and vasopressin - are also all associated with sleep.

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