Friday 20 November 2015

Teacher Jailed For Having Sex With Pupil 80 Times After Sentence Review

Teacher jailed for having sex with pupil 80 times after sentence review

A teaching assistant who had sex with a 15-year-old student 80 times has had her suspended sentence replaced with an immediate two-year jail term by the Court of Appeal.
Caroline Berriman, 30, admitted that she had penetrative and oral sex with the teenager, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, while working at Abraham Moss Community School in Manchester.
At Manchester Crown Court in September, she was given a two-year suspended sentence but that was referred by Attorney General Jeremy Wright as being unduly lenient.
Today, three judges in London, headed by Lord Justice Treacy, said a sentence of immediate custody was in all the circumstances ‘clearly necessary and proportionate’.

Berriman, of Oldham, Lancashire, was ordered to surrender to her local police station by 6pm.
Lord Justice Treacy said the sexual activity took place on 80 occasions over three to four months and resulted in a pregnancy which was terminated.
The boy, who believed he was in love and in a normal boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, eventually moved in with Berriman but when the situation deteriorated, he rang ChildLine and said he was thinking of taking his own life.
When the police became involved, he told them he felt ‘scarred’ by what had happened.
The trial judge took into account Berriman’s guilty plea, her previous good character and favourable references, and the fact she had to care for a young child.
Caroline Berriman
Caroline Berriman
Abraham Moss School where they met (Picture: MEN)
But the Attorney General pointed to the abuse of trust, the disparity in age and the significant degree of planning or grooming behaviour.
Lord Justice Treacy said: ‘The purpose of the legislation is to protect young people from harm – at times protecting them from their own urges and inclinations.
‘The victim was a youth for whom the offender had responsibility in her role as a teaching assistant.
‘She knew her initial contact with him was entirely wrong but persisted and then enabled and allowed it to develop into a legally prohibited sexual relationship. She did so fully aware of the consequences for her if she was found out.

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