Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Dele Momodu Puts Davido On Blasts - As Immigration Stops His Family From Travelling With His Baby Sophia Momodu Without Her Mother's Consent

Dele Momodu is the uncle to Davido's baby-mama 

"A sober Davido after Immigration officers stopped his family from travelling with his baby with Sophia Momodu without her mother's consent last night at MMIA. NIGERIA HAS CHANGED INDEED and we salute the courage of the Immigration team that refused to be intimidated by wealth!

DAVIDO being consoled last night by an Uncle, after yelling at Immigration officers that he's untouchable was rebuffed and his sister's American passport was seized and his dad could not travel on Emirates as planned.

All the phone calls to Abuja by Davido's powerful family failed to impress the highly professional officers at MMIA as they tried to travel illegally with a seven-month-old baby they had seized from her mum months ago!"

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