Saturday 2 January 2016

Stella Damasus Confirms Marriage To Daniel Ademinokan, Speak On Their Love Story

Award-winning actress Stella Damasus was completely at ease with subtly addressing ace filmmaker Daniel Ademinokan as her husband during a radio interview session yesterday from their Atlanta, USA home. Though Damasus refused to disclose precisely when they tied the knots, it seems the nuptial held shortly before they moved in together as a couple.

 Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan were guests on ‘Alex Okoroji Live’ radio program on Friday, 1st January 2016 which Dawn-To-Dusk News Chief Editor monitored. The big question on the marriage was for Stella, and she answered in the affirmative saying, “One thing you should know for sure is that we are both born-again, and we don’t believe in certain things because we want to make heaven. So put 2 and 2 together. For 2 people who live together with their children, do everything together as a couple and they call themselves a couple, what condition will they be in that they will not offend God. So you decide what you think that is.”
 Describing Daniel aka DaBishop, Stella said: “Daniel is a very hardworking creative genius. When you meet him, he is all about creating the work, creating opportunities for people. Another thing I love about him is that he is extremely friendly. I guess that is one of the reasons why we are best of friends. He is an amazing guy, I am not gonna lie about that. Daniel is my ideal man.”
 How did they meet? Daniel further said: “Stella and I met in 2010 formally at a movie premiere. After that, we met for work as I was writing some materials for her, then we did some films together. Let me say this, I have always had a crush even before we got talking. When we got together , at first it was about the work. Over time we got closer and the rest is history.”
 At what point did Stella fall in love with Daniel? She said, “It was when he was making a film and we had started talking. We were trying to help and encourage each other. Then I found in him someone who does not judge others but listens . I think it was after the New Year celebration when he was about to move to Abuja that we knew at that point it was way beyond the bond.”
 On the biggest misconception about her relationship, Stella added that, “The greatest misconception so far that I read online is that Stella is a husband-snatcher. My first reaction was that why were people saying what they know nothing about. I always believe that when 2 people come together it is a private thing.When they decided to call it quits nobody was there as well. So how come the man moved on with someone else and then it is the other woman you are blaming for the whole thing when she was not even there when they broke up, At first I felt bad but later I started understanding how the human mind works.
 “For you to take someone who does not belong to you, I call it kidnap.I will be in jail by now if I kidnapped anybody and if you consider the size of the man we are talking about, I doubt Stella can kidnap any man. And if you are talking about using seduction, he knows I don’t even find myself sexy. It took me a while to turn this thing around for good, so this is the biggest misconception.”
 In his remarks on the misconception, Daniel disclosed that: ” It is sad people just look at us and start jumping into conclusion. All parties have since moved on. It is not a thing of joy for me that my last marriage crashed. But it happened, you dust yourself and move on. I am a happier person now, I am grateful. I am not entirely proud of how things happened but I am a happier person now. My child is happy, everybody is happy and we are good. Stella did not break my home. My relationship with my ex was long over before Stella and I started dating.”

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