Sunday 27 December 2015

Pictured! What A Man Did To His Wife When He Caught Her Cheating On Him

Domestic violence against women is a worldwide problem. The only variance, is that is it more prominent in some countries, when compared to others. Of course, Nigeria is no exception. Unfortunately, domestic violence against women in Nigeria continues to be a perennial problem. At the same time, it is a problem that needs to be eliminated. It is often said that violence, domestic or otherwise, begets violence. 

According to sources, the husband of the woman pictured allegedly caught her in bed with his friend who also lives in the same compound with them and damaged her beyond recognition but this is wrong. This cannot be justified. I know how cheating hurts men deeply but this is seriously out of place. 

The shocking part of the story is that the enraged husband allegedly proceeded to tell his friend after catching him having canal knowledge of his wife that he bore no animosity towards him as he did not rape his wife since the sex was consensual and that God used him to expose his wife's disloyalty before she would poison him, he also claimed that his friend did no wrong because his wife was on top when he caught them having sex so he let his friend go without harming him, he then bolted the door before descending on his wife.

If and when children see the adult males in the families asserting violence towards the women around them, then the likelihood of them perpetuating the act in the future, might be higher. That we can also do without as sociologists will readily confirm that the home is the primary source of socialization.

Some will concur with the thoughts of these abused women but of course others will not! The common thought is that once a woman experiences domestic violence, she should expunge herself from the situation, meaning the relationship. However, in fairness to some of those who stay in the abusive relationships, they really do not have much of a choice. The first reason is that women earn less than men, generally speaking. Hence, with a lack of earning power, they stay in the relationship because they are dependent on the abuser, financially and maybe otherwise.

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